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what's next!? :)

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I was drying my hair this morning and turned around to find my Chloe laying in my bed covered up to her "armpits" with my favorite fuzzy blanket, sound asleep. She looked like she'd been all tucked in for the night! I don't know if she somehow pulled the blanket up or just slithered under it but it was a really funny site and I just had to take a picture! She woke up just as I started to take it though.
Hope this link works!

She's not going to be happy tonight when I tell her that's my side of the bed!
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Thats really cute.
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That's cute!
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Awww thats so very cute!!
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What a pretty girl. I love her markings. Where did you get the cool light picture in your album? Did you make it or what?
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Yahoo pictures has a photo editing tool that lets you do stuff like that. I thought it was pretty cool and made it the wallpaper on my computer, but my roommate thought it was freaky and made me change it! I just got Paint Shop today and was playing around with it so now the wallpaper is the picture of Chloe in the sleigh, except I cut out the picture and she's now sitting in the sleigh out in the middle of a snowy mountain scene. I love that program! Now I've just got to figure out how to make a thing for my signiture with it!

As for the blanket, my mom has one just like it but cut about 10 inches off it to make it fit the bed she had so she's going to give it to me to put in Chloe's bed. Maybe that will make her happy!
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Awww she's gorgeous!!
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