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How to get a stuck ring off....

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I wish I new this before I had to have my grandmothers wedding ring cut off my finger! But when all else fails use windex!!! I just found this out when I went to pick up my ring and it was still too small.
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Dish soap works good too - no water .. well, maybe a TINY bit .. but it should slide right off. Another is lotion. Baby oil. Yup, been there done that ... actually just the other day! (My pregger fingers have now officially swollen to where I can wear my wedding rings now )
I hope the ring is alright, Its a bummer I know.

(A side story of stuck-ness: When our first boy, Jake was oh about 7 months old, he had gotten his leg stuck in between the crib slats while sleeping. He woke up Howling mad and both me and hubby ran into the room. Sure enough, stuck tight. We both had a very minor first second freak out. Then, hubby runs out of the room yelling, "Hang On! Be right back!!" I stood there ... contemplated ... casually picked up some baby oil .. greased the tubby lil leg up and 'pop' .. out it came. Of corse, a minute later hubby runs into the room holding up a hammer and a saw. It was like something out of a movie!! I asked "What are you Doing?!" .. He looked at a just fine Jake and said, "Good thinking there hun." I could have died laughing!! )
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LMFAO!!! Sounds like something my dad would do, and for some reason it reminds me of the time my dad invented his own car seat swing, and hung it from the cieling, and I fell out on my head...boy did my mom freak out haha
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I know this isnt about getting off a stuck ring but this morning I was putting the milk back in the fridge and caught it on something, I still can't figure out what....??? and it snapped, underneath the saphire and ripped the skin open right the way up the inside of my middle finger. I now have stitches.
I am so upset about my ring as my Dad got it for me for my 18th Birthday nearly 4 years ago.
All the things Ive done whilst wearing it since then and I make a cup of tea and break it.
Im not sure if they can fuse it back together or not, even so it will always be weak...
So upset
I suppose thats one way to get your ring off...

I found when I was younger and rings got stuck, try and make your hand cold, ice etc your fingers shrink...
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What a scene! That's hilarious... wish you had it on tape for AFV.

Something else that helps is to hold your hand up higher than your heart for a few minutes... or if you can wait, try slipping it off first thing in the morning, when you're relatively dehydrated.
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We tried all of that and still couldn't get my husband's wedding ring off. He stopped toying with it which is when he knew it was too lose or tight, and his fingers got too big so we had to have it cut off.
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My special "trick" that I use on my patients in the hospital, after trying the lotion and soaps, is to get some dental floss, use a fairly long piece of it and slip it under the ring, then pile on the lotion, and rotate the floss around and around the ring, and it works it over the knuckle...it may take a little time, but it really works..
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A friend of mine worked at a fine jewelry store and had customers slip on rings and get them stuck all the time. They used windex to get them off. If that doesn't work, you probably need to get the ring cut off.
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yeah been there, done that - I used vegetable oil!
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