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Germany - Teen sues mother for giving away pets

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I don't think I would sue my Mom but that was pretty rude of her to do.
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I wonder who she left in charge of taking care of the animals while she was away for the weekend.... 2 guinea pigs, a dog, and a littler of puppies can not be locked in a room together for long periods of time. I think the mom did what was best for the animals.
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Well, I'm not pinning a mother of the year award on Frau Grumpypants, but I *do* think it's probably better than a dog, a litter of puppies (how many?) and guinea pigs crammed into one room. Also, if the girl was out till "the weekend," who was feeding and caring for the animals?

I'm in two minds about this -- but the bottom line is, it's Mom's house. If the girl wants to run a zoo, let her get a place of her own.`
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pLUS the dog should have been neutered and not having puppies in the first place. I would think that was the "straw" and cannot say as how I blame the mother. She is 19 years old, if she wants pets she should be responsible enough to have them neutered IMO.
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One thing that I have noticed, a bit off topic but something I want to comment on because this is a prime example
Just because someone has a dog who gave birth to pups doesn't mean that they were irresponsible and did not get the dog spayed or neutered. It is possible that she found the dog in that state. She could have found this dog in the street pregnant and brought it in to give it a home, but the assumption is automatically made (and it happens all the time) that she is the one responsible. I think it is completely irresponsible for a dog to not be spayed/ neutered, and the same goes for cats unless of course the person is a breeder. I experienced that assumption this past weekend and I really think it is unfair.
I notice that many people are guilty of doing this, and I don't think it's done to be mean and I understand the reasoning behind it. I just think that maybe we should find out the reasoning behind the situation before jumping to conclusions..... Just a thought.
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But I have learned that dogs can be spayed while pregnant.
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the girl was 19, if she wanted to keep pets she legally able to.

what the mum did was downright low. if she had wanted the animals gone then she didnt have to be so underhand about it.

breaking into her daughters room and stealing them when she was away is awful!

i would love to read a more in-depth article about this with more facts.
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Although this girl is legally able to keep pets, she certainly isn't responsible enough to keep pets.

Perhaps what her mom did as a tad harsh, but I can't say that I blame her. Her daughter obviously expects others to take over her responsibilities and she is not committed to her animals.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Although this girl is legally able to keep pets, she certainly isn't responsible enough to keep pets.

Perhaps what her mom did as a tad harsh, but I can't say that I blame her. Her daughter obviously expects others to take over her responsibilities and she is not committed to her animals.
the article was so brief you have nothing to base that opinion on!

if the article stated the pets were being neglected or mistreated then i would agree.

the fact is we dont know enough to make a decision on her capabilities as a pet owner.

i just think the way her mum went about it was very harsh and cruel. if the animals were being mistreated the animal authorities could have taken them away in the girls presense and explained to her why they were being taken.

she obviously cared a lot for her animals, hence the lawsuit.
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I agree, there are two points of view here. Its easy to scream irresponsibility on behalf of the daughter, but there is nothing here to base that on.

If the daughter found the dog as a stray, pregnant, she may not have been able to find a vet willing to do the surgery (depending on how far along the dog was). Or, she may not have had the heart to spay the dog after discovering she was pregnant...not every can do it. And, she may well have had people coming in to care for the animals or, perhaps even her mother said she would and then turned around and dumped them like that.

Also, you don't know how large her room was. When I was living with my mother, I had a cat, twelve rats in a huge cage, and a bunny (with a litter)...all in my room. My cat refused to leave because my stepfather's cat would kick her butt all the time. My door was locked whenever I wasn't home (and most often when I was). But my room was a modified play room that was nearly an entire floor in and of itself. My pets were happy, had room, and were very well cared for.

So yes, the daughter may have been irresponsible, bred the dog on purpose, and had them living in deplorable conditions and the mother did the right thing. Or, they could have been very well cared for and the mother for reasons of her own decided to give them away. Without more information, we really can't know for sure.
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Though there isn't much information to go on, I think I can safely support the opinion that this girl may have been a neglectful owner or simply a misguided owner. I can come to this conclusion because she went away for the weekend leaving puppies and a new dam, along with the other animals alll alone.
A good owner, knowing that your mother didn't like your animals and that a litter needs extra care, not to mention feeding and watering!, would not leave them for several hours, let alone a whole weekend.

In either case (whether she was a bad owner or just a misguided one), I think the animals are in a better place.
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theres nothing to say she went away and left them for a weekend, the article just says:

The girl had taken to locking the creatures in her room after the recent birth of the puppies angered the mother, but she returned at the weekend to find them gone
i'm not sure what that means but we are all just speculating.
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I read that as "after"

I dunno what "at the weekend" means though???
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I originally thought it said after the weekend as well. But "at the weekend" implies she was gone during the week and returned for the weekend. I don't think it matters... Even one day going by for guinea pigs, a dog and pups to be stuck in a room is too long, imo. I still think her mom did what was best for the animals. IF (and I say if) the animals were being locked in the room for long periods of time often then I would even go so far as to say the law suit is worth going through knowing that the animals are someplace safe being cared for.

It might have been nice if the mother said "Hey, if you want to keep these animals find another place to live", but I don't think the daughter has a leg to stand on in the law suit. She was living in her mothers home...
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Puppies are VERY DIFFERENT from kittens. When I foster litters of kittens, the Momma does most of the work, including clean up. There is a little mess on the floor as they litter train, but very little. Dogs begin pooing when born, and make a terrible mess. I had one litter in my bedroom, due to a byb mistake, and it was mid winter so the pups had to stay in the house basically 24/7. Even as I changed the newspapers, someone would have pooed or puddled again. It was 8-10 weeks of continual mess.

So to have puppies at someones home who does not want them is a very big deal. Even when cared for, they are a mess. But if she was leaving them alone for long periods, it would be even worse.

As a kid, I had several pets given away, and it broke my heart. I do not in general support getting rid of peoples pets. However, it is possible that she did this without her Mom's approval, and it is the Mom's house. (I wonder if the girl moved out yet?)
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Odd - I've done several searches for this story in German, hoping to find more information, and haven't had a single hit, although I've tried several key words, and combinations thereof. What the article doesn't say is how old the girl was when she acquired the pets (she had to be 19 at the time of "acquisition", under German law), and whether the home was owned or rented. If the latter, the dogs may have violated the lease, leaving the mother no choice. A "no pets" clause in a lease here doesn't exclude ownership of any pets kept in cages or tanks, but most certainly covers dogs. Various courts have come to opposing conclusions regarding keeping up to two indoor-only cats.
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"At the weekend" says to me that the girl is gone during the week. At 19, perhaps she's at university. But either way, in my opinion, while it wasn't very nice of the mother to go behind the girl's back and get rid of the animals, it also wasn't very considerate of the girl to leave a bunch of pets for Mother to care for -- or put up with -- when that lady clearly didn't want pets.

My mother, God rest her soul, used to tell my brothers and me that as long as we lived in our parents' house, they owned the air that we breathed, and if we wanted freedom we could have it when we got our own place and paid our own bills. (NOTE: she only did this when we specifically complained about being brought up more strictly than we liked. My parents were very kind people.)
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