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Whats your romantic fantasy

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What is your romantic Fantasy?

Wake up! Looks like your romantic fantasy is Garden of Eden!

And to think it all started with Adam and Eve. What is it about forbidden love that dominates your Garden of Eden romantic fantasy?

Even if you'd never think of acting on it, it's ok to admit that you've been tempted (at least in your fantasy world) by a relationship that just can't be. Everybody has.

Maybe you've just seen The Graduate a few more times than the rest of your friends and "coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs. Robinson" holds a little more meaning for you. Or maybe you just enjoy keeping your daydreams separate from your real life when it comes to looking for love.

Of course, it could be, that the naturalist in you is just thirsting for a romantic picnic in a secluded garden with that special someone. We'll let you take it from here...
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What is your romantic fantasy
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Never mind. I couldn't get this one to work!
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I found it under love on emode.

The Foreign Affair
Sushi, skydiving, and safaris. You're not afraid to experiment and do something different. That's why your romantic fantasy, The Foreign Affair, is exotic and exciting and usually takes place on distant soil. Maybe you're on business in the Orient or taking a solo vacation through Europe. Either way, your itinerary is flexible in fantasyland. There's always time for some international intrigue. From the dark stranger in the pub to the striking fellow next to you on the train—you never know which mysterious character might approach you with some covert operation.
But since life doesn't always imitate a Tom Clancy
novel, you'll settle for a romantic dinner at a hidden basement bistro, a private screening of Casa Blanca, or even a weekend retreat in the mountains (James Bond style). Of course, wherever the final destination, you'd prefer it be kept top secret.
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What's Your Romantic Fantasy? Worked for me, anyway.

I got this:

Breakfast in Bed
There are few things better than waking up to the smell of hot coffee and sizzling bacon, or fresh fruit and granola, especially when it's right under your nose. What is it about the combination of breakfast and bed? It can be more intimate than a candlelit dinner, yet as comfortable as an old pair of slippers. And this is only the start of your Breakfast in Bed romantic fantasy.
Yours is a dream inhabited by your trusty sweetheart and reliable soul mate, not by mysterious men from exotic places. Whether it's a cozy night next to a roaring fire, or an evening eating pizza straight from the box while wrapped up in a blanket on the floor, you love the fact that your fantasy doesn't need to venture far from reality.
That doesn't mean you don't like a good surprise every now and then. Flowers on your pillow or tickets to the hot new show are enough to provide a year's worth of future daydreams.
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