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Great check-up

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The boys had their yearly exam yesterday. The vet said they are good weight and healthy. He was impressed with Tripod's coat and said he didn't even have any ear wax. His teeth may need to be cleaned next year. Oliver has beautiful teeth and may NEVER need to have his cleaned. They both get tartar control kitty treats every day, but Oliver actually chews his.
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That's wonderful!
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Geat check ups are wonderful
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I love it when my two get a full overhaul and get given the green light, but i have to admit that i always hold my breath when she does it

I'm a worry wort!!
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Thanks everyone. Heres something funny. I took Oliver in first. I just feel safer handling them one at a time. They hate to travel and I just want to pay attention to them one at a time since they are under so much stress on vet trips. (And, Susan - you think you're a worry wart ) The vet said I was good to go. I got in the car with Oliver packed up in his travel cage and headed back to the house to get Tripod. All of a sudden I realized I never saw Ollie get his rabies shot!!! I carried Oliver back in. It turned out that my vet gave him the shot while I was petting Ollie's head. Oliver never flinched and I didn't see it! Boy, did I feel like an idiot. At least I know my vet gives good shots!
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I do them seperate as well when they get their shots because i couldn't handle keeping two calm
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