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Sad cat?

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I purchased a 4 month old ragdoll from a breeder. A few weeks later we also got his mom as a retired breeder. She is only 16 months. They said she was having hormone problems and started going into heat too early. She also lost weight. She is very bonded to the baby. She had been spayed and when we brought her home she would growl at the boy Remy whenever he came near her. Mitzie, the mom, now cuddles and plays with him..but she is still very distant from us. My question is do we keep trying to pet her or let her come to us. She is always on the edge of what is going on in the house. She also seems easily spooked. she will growl if you try to pick her up. Any ideas?

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embarassed look
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I reduced your picture, please try and not post large pictures in the forums.

Just give her time, her whole world is different. Establish a routine with her that she can count on and keep going with it. When things happen that she can predict- food, water, litter pan duty on schedule she will start to relax. If she came from a large cattery she is more than likely just on edge about this quieter world she has entered.

She is quite pretty-
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I agree - just give her time.

If that is her in the picture - she is really very beautiful.
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thank you hissy for reducing that pic. I sat there for a while trying to figure out how to delete it off the message. I didnt realize it was so large. Also, I will follow your advice and wait her out. *smile
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