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New to me three month old kitten

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I just got my kitten yesterday. so wil give you some back ground on her.. The lady i got her from bottle fed her and had health problems so she needed to find a home for the kitten,, I wanted one so we matched up. The lady only lives down the hall from me, Anyhow. I went to the ladies apt. and i thught made friends with the kitten, whose name is Missy.. and i carried all her things down to my apt. and then later the lady brought Missy down to my place.. she satayed in the ladies lap. till she left and then Missy hid under the pilows on the couch,, she stayed there for a couple hours. i sat on the floor and talked and petted,, after a couple hours i picked her up and held her.. for another hour or so. i was in a recliner so when i got up i jsut put her on the seat of the recliner. when i came back to my chair she was gone, after long searching my husband found her behid my china closet.. in a space only inches wide,, well i finally lured her out with a string. and held her again, when i let her down again, she went uner the recliner.. to make a long story shorter.. i sat in the chair and played with her with my fingers.. and even got on the floor with her, but when i would try to pick her up she went under the chair again.. So i put her sleeping basket that the lady gave me, by the chair and went to bed. this morning i couldnt find her again, she changed chairs. went to under my husbamds recliner.. i finally got her out of there and took her to her litter box(i had taken her there earlier and alos to her food, she ate a bout a spoonful and drank some water) she then ran out of the laundry room and into the kitchen and ran under a cabinet next to the dishwasher in a space only inches wide, there is a little space in the top where she could get out if she wants to i think,, but i need help.. please someone help me figure out what to do,, will she ever adjust. should i take her back to the lady. or next time she comes out put her in the laundry room where her food water and litter box are and shut the odor. or should i do what my husband says and just leave her alone and let her come out on her own.. I dont know what to do We are senior's in our late 60's and i am so afraid she hates me .. please help..
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Awww...I know it is hard to watch your little baby be scared of you! How long have you had her? The only thing I can suggest is giving her time. If she likes to hide under the recliner, make sure she cannot get up into it, & maybe move it into the laundry room(ours would never fit in there, but if your will, try it). It usually takes quite a few days to adjust. Remember, she left everything familiar to her & lost her "mommy". Maybe a visit to "mommy" would be good for her?
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She doesn't hate you - she is just scared and trying to adjust to a lot of new smells, places and stimuli. Let her take things at her own pace and I am sure she will be fine. I think that it can be best with a new kitten to give them a small room at first, with everything they need, leave them to get used to it and explore on a small scale, and go in regularly to sit and talk to them, without touching or playing or staring them in the eyes, to get them used to your voice. Then when they start being responsive, let them out but leaving the door open so they can retreat if they want. Some cats/kittens want out in hours, some take a few days or even a week. But don't try to rush her - she is a baby and she is frightened.
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Ditto the previous post.
She doesn't hate you! Give her time. She is a terrified baby. She should come around.
Good luck!
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She is scared, that's all. She needs time to get to know you. My cat Jazz a Boo hid for three days when I got her. She was hiding in the kitchen cabinet under the sink. I got her out by talking to her and brushing her, now she is the first one to sit in my lap when I sit down. She was such a scaredy cat when I first got her, now she follows me everywhere!

Give Missy time and I am sure she will love you.
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Oh my gosh, I have been doing everything wrong.. When i sat on the floor by her i petted and talked , but i also looked her in the eyes. trying to show her i loved her.. Now i know that was not the right thing to do.. The net thing i did was to keep taking her from dark hiding spots and trying to keep her out.. The lady gave us the basket she has been sleeping in, so tight now my husband is making a frame to fit over so i can drape a blanket over it. so maybe she will stay there since it is hers and will also be dark anc cosy.. but for now she is still under the sink. well inbetween the sink and dishwasher.. i will not run the dish washer cause i know the noise will scare her to death. and i wont run the disposal either for the same reason.. i have her food and water near by, but what about the litter? the laundry room where her litter is is right next to the kitchen, and i did show her where it was should i just leave it there. Im sorry to keep asking questions. but i am scared. for her.. also i cant get our recliners in the laundry room. to big beside we sit in them. and my husband would never agree to it.. but i am taking all the suggestions to heart . and i really appreciate them.. thanks agian Linda/Hallycat
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Bless you for taking this little one. Yes she is a tad frightened right now so just be calm and patient with her.

Our sweet Simba hid behind our headboard for one month and only came out to eat, drink and use his litter if we weren't in the room. When he finally came out he was a real cuddler - he loved to be carried around like a human baby and needed to be on our laps if we were sitting.

Don't force her out of hiding (unless she is in an unsafe place of course) just let her come to you in her own time. I agree that she should probably be confined to one room until she is feeling more comfortable. That's what we did with Simba. After the 4th week I opened the bedroom door and for the first day he only came to just outside the door, 2nd day to the top of the stairs. It actually took him the whole 5th week to get to the family room level of the house.

Spend time talking softly to her or reading to her.

How old is she? What colouring does she have?
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My biggest fear is that she will get stuck in the space, and if she stays there to many days when i do run the dispoal or dishwasher what will she do?
She is three months old. and the lady said her daddy was a black Minx, and the mother a yellow tabby.. she has some really strange markings. on one side of her she has like zehra stripes in black and gray, on the other side she is like a claico. het paws are white and the tip of her tail is white.. she has one eye that is kinda droppy. but that just makes me love her more,, I am anxious for her to get use to us so i can take pictures of her..
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I think you should keep her in the laundry room (with her food, water, litter) and shut the door for a couple days. When she gets used to the laundry room, she'll let you know she wants to come out and explore. Just sit in the laundry room with her and spend time with her everyday. (Also, have her basket in there so she'll have a place to hide) When I first got meowser, I kept him in my bathroom for 3 days. Then I started leaving the door cracked open and gradually, he would explore my bedroom. Then I started cracking my bedroom door open and he started exploring the living room. It's better to start them off with small spaces.
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She's just scared of a new place where nothing is familiar. Try confining her to one room (like a bathroom) for a few days with her bed, box, and food (tho keep her box away from the food/bed). When she seems less scared, move everything to another room - like a bedroom and do the same thing.

Once she is more familiar with things, she''ll be running around the entire house with confidence.
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Thank you all so very much for all your help. I feel much better, and i know she would thank you all for teaching her new mommie how to take care of her, if she could.. thanks everyone. Linda /hallycat
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