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Which Movie Parent Are You?

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Are we having fun with these quizes? I am!

Alicia, you could star as a parent in Father of the Bride!
Oh, brother. We can already see the tears welling up in your eyes when your little ones start making friends on their own and spending time at other people's houses. Your parenting style is like the Diane Keaton and Steve Martin characters in Father of the Bride. You're the kind of parent who might read every child-rearing book you can find. And you would probably lie awake at night obsessing over whether fluorescent bulbs might stunt your kids' growth or sugared cereal might lead to premature braces.

After all, you want the best for your little one. That's why you might find yourself volunteering to chaperone field trips or school dances. You're totally doting and always there. And it's completely obvious to your kids. Just be careful they don't use it against you to get their way with those pleeeeeeassssse, puppy-dog eyes. Hopefully they won't have the heart to take advantage when it's so obvious that you're devoted, caring and perhaps, a touch over-protective.

In the end, you and the Father of the Bride parents have it made. And you might be rewarded with kids who call just to chat, and can't wait to tell you when you're about to become a grandparent.

Which Movie Parent Are You?
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Which Movie Parent Are You
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Three Men and a Baby

Oh, no, wait a second, the spaghetti's boiling over on the stove, the doorbell's ringing, your baby's crying, and you've just misplaced that dirty diaper...in your briefcase. Looks like your parenting style is like the Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson characters in Three Men and a Baby. Your easy-going, creative approach to parenthood is charming and yes, sometimes even slapstick. We can see you cheering wildly from the spectator stands, calling out goofy nicknames and embarrassing your kids.
The point is, you're always there for them with
enthusiastic support, making up the rules as you go. Leftover pizza for breakfast? Well, maybe for
birthdays. Bath Time in the wading pool? Hey, if it ain't broke... And while some people might whisper about some of your unorthodox, family traditions, it's exactly those quirks that make you such a strong parent.
Even when things get tough at work, you know how to get your family back on track. Like those three men with their baby, you're going to succeed because you know how to bring laughs and a lotta love to everyone around you!
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adymarie ME TOO!! I could star as a parent in Three Men and a Baby!
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Now all I need a kid!
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I could star as a parent in Father of the Bride!
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It's a Wonderful Life!!!!!! Hmmmm I don't know about that, I'll have to wait until I actually have them and retake this test!

Mmm, is that the smell of cookies fresh from the oven? With your natural parenting instincts, your style is like the Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart characters in It's a Wonderful Life. It all starts with taping foam bumpers around the exposed edges in your living room—before your first born even arrives on the scene.

And soon after that, we can see you racing two steps ahead of your toddler on high alert—removing the glass of red wine from the coffee table, and the cat food from the kitchen floor. Kids do get into everything, after all. Parent was a role you were born for. And your kids will know it from the first "Mommy" or "Daddy" that comes out of their mouths.

You know when to let the sleepover gigglers stay up past their bedtime, but you also know when to lay down the law with homework or practicing the piano. And like the It's a Wonderful Life parents, you can look forward to the kind of adult relationship with your kids you see immortalized on the best of commercials.
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I'm another "3 Men" type mom! Gosh there's sure a lot of us out there!
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Honey I Shrunk The Kids...
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