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Seeing as it's obviously exam season...

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I thought I'd wish you all good luck! It's exam season all over the place from what I can tell.... so if you're sitting your PhD, Maters or Bachelors, Highers, A-levels, GCSEs, Standard Grades, o-levels - SATs - whatever they're called these days... or jsut the quiz in the back of the latest Cosmo magazine..... from me to all of you - I wish you the very very best and I sincerely hope you all get the grades you really want!
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Yep, it's finals week. I had my A&P I exam Monday, 200 questions in 2 hours open book. I needed an A to pull an A in the class for my final grade. I ended up with a B overall I know, a B is still good, but I worked sooooo hard to get an A. I have maintained a 4.0 for some time now and now that I have a B it will never be that again.

I have my stats final Friday morning. I am fairly confident I will come out with an A in that class

Good luck to everyone else!
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Yea, its exam and paper writing time in law school I just had my NY practice final on monday, 120 multible choice and 5 short essay in 3 hours, AWFUL!!! I have a 10 page paper I am writing for my Crim law clinic Paper titled Animal welfare legislation and I have to write a summary judgment motion for another class as well as a final for comparative law. The next 10 days are not going to be fun! Good luck to all!
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Yup, sure is exam week. Well, I'm not too happy so far....out of the classes I know, I have 2 Bs and 1 A. I have one class left to find out (the exam I took today) but I think its a B too. Like Squirtle said, I know a B is good, but when you feel like you've worked hard enough to get an A, it still sucks! One class I missed an A by 1 measly point. Poo!
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Exam season happened before Thanksgiving for me...we're on quarters and I've been off of school since..geez...I wanna say the 21st of November? I go back on January 3rd. I actually really like quarters...although don't attempt more than 16 quarter hours or your dreams of a stress-free life will go up in smoke! That said....

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Great thread! I would like to add my "good grade" vibes to anyone that needs them.
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Good luck to everyone in the evil grip (BOO! HISS!) of exams. I know all of our genius TCsers will do great! {{{{}}}}
I'm dying to share my good news on here: I got an A on my first grad school final (Foundations of Public Administration) and I made an A on my final paper. Soooo....I'm ending my first grad school class with an A! Let this be a lesson- stressing really CAN pay off!
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Aw, thanks guys! All of us test-takers appreciate it! I finished all of mine on Monday (I don't recommend taking two grad level exams back to back starting at 8 in the morning to anyone!) but the well-wishes are much appreciated!
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