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Very affectionate cat :)

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Ever since my baby was spayed two weeks ago, she's been so much more loving and affectionate with me and my man. This isn't a problem though, In fact I'm not complaining at all, I Love it

I was just wondering if this has happened with any of your cats after you had them spayed/neutered.

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Rosie wasn't really?!, but Sophie from being a kitten was a love bug and still is
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This doesnt have anything to do with the thread, but I just saw that your baby's name is Nermal. That is so funny, I remember watching Garfield when I was younger and that annoying cat was Nermal, hahahaha. Just had to reminisce there for a sec.
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My kitty did exactly that. She was a former feral who we brought to our home because she was pregnant. When it was time to spay, she had been biting us (only when we picked her up), and peeing in bad spots. They called after her spay and told us there were TONS of cysts all over her ovaries inside her and she probably was really uncomfortable because of that. Since her spay she's turned into a beautiful, playful, loving cat!!!
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neutering made my male Hobbs more docile, and generally friendly..he is a big mush, although he was pretty friendly before he lost his mojo too My female Blueberry was tempermental before and after, not much effect on her. Over the years I have seen that males are more effected , personality wise, than females....sooooooooooooo...enjoy your new transformed lovey dovey kitty
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I think mine did, and I think it's because they had a trauma and you're their "meowmie" and they want to be pampered, knowing you'll take care of them.
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Our cat Kinks was the meanest cat ever before she was spayed. She attacked, bit, growled, and left a 7 inch scar down my bfs arm. When she was spayed, within 2 weeks or so she became the sweeteat most lovable cat ever. She curls up under the covers with us, she grooms my hair when I am sleeping and she cries for attention when we come home, well all the time really!

Turns out, she had a cyst in her ovaries which was discovered and removed when she was spayed. I don't know if that was causing her pain but she is a nice happy cat now!
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We had a tiny little tortoise shell calico show up at our house right after Christmas last year and she is a lover. We had her spayed in February. It didn't change her attitude at all. She doesn't like coming in the house so every morning, one of the very first things my wife and I do is go sit on the back porch so Becky can jump in our laps for hugs and kisses. She'll invariably lay in my lap and knead my belly like a little kitten until I have to get up and move. She's a really big girl now and almost too big for my lap.

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Ha!! My experience has been just the opposite. Out of the 12-15 females we've had spayed in my family, I'd say they have either been unchanged or become more temperamental. Even Lexi, who was the sweetest and most loving girl for all her 22 years (RIP), become a bit of a fussbudget after she was fixed. Go Figure!! All of our males, on the other hand, became super mush balls upon being neutered.
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I've seen this happen quite frequently in males. My girls' spay made no difference in their affectionate behavior. They were both as precious as ever before and after.
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