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Have you noticed that you can't...

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...make a bed... in a room alone...
...sleep the entire might undisturbed...
...type on a keyboard...
...see a computer screen... the movie you want... an entire movie without the channel being changed on you...
...find the TV remote or other moveable objects in the house... your food without being stared at...
...decorate a Christmas tree without four legged help...
...always have a clean plate when you left a dirty one...
...since you got a kitten??

Lily is really starting to bug me. She leaves toys everywhere. She attacks blankets as I make the bed. She attacks my pant legs as I walk. I really love her for it all! How could you not love a kitten? I don't see myself jumping into getting a kitten in the future, but I can see myself adopting an older cat. I love Lily for being a kitten, but I don't think I will ever have just one kitten again. I cannot imagine what Lily would be like if it weren't for Twitch! Are you kittens, well, kitten-ish?
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lol i often get woken(?) waked(?) in the middle of the night hearing what sounds like a stampede running down the hall then just when i think things have quieted down i end up having all 3 of the cats (salem and isis 4 months and ailey 9 months) race across my bed like i wasn't even there. there have been several times they did this that i didn't have the covers over me lol and i have the scars to prove it. thier new thing is that they have learned that you can get on top of the fridge via the counter and when wver you open the fridge they will jump onto your head shoulders what ever looks best to them.(not that funny in the middle of the night with no light on you can't see salem or isis on top of the fridge lol)
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(woken )

Tosca actually came and lay on me this morning at about 4 - usually she lies on Rune, but he was on his side all night, so she coudln't. She was forced to get cuddles from her second-favourite!! But yeah... in this apartment you can't even take a shower in peace!!
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my over weight cat butter bear manages to hop up onto the top of the shower curtain, where the rod is and starts to swat at you. when she feels she does not get enough attention she then goes to the floor and then starts jumping and attacking the shower door. if you open it she'll stick her head in and then runaway. she is so weird

my other car mumu has a tendency to jump on your chest or play attack your hands underneath the bed if you don't wake up exactly at a certain time. my husband works nights so he sleeps during the day. if he is not up at 11 am everyday she starts to jump on his head, play attack his hands, or meow in his face. it drives he nuts, but he has never been late for work. so i guess there are some advantages
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Peace? With cats? LOL! that's funny! I have the four cats and three of them are 6 years old and Twig is 7. I can tell you they act just like kittens, not giving you a moments peace. I have to leave the bathroom door opened when I'm in there or Rocket and Twig will scratch on the door and cry until I open it. Even when I'm taking a shower(Brrrr!) Rocket "helps" me try to put in my contacts each day. That's always a good time! He also hides in the cabinet with the towels and jumps out at you when you go to get a towel! Goofball! They all try to sleep with us at night now that it's colder( two humans and four cats on queen sized bed is NOT fun!) If twig doesn't get a particular space on the bed cause there is another cat there, he will sit on our nightstands and knock our water glasses on the floor, to wake us up thus waking all the other cats up resulting in him getting HIS space! He used to do this to get us to wake up to pet him, but he's figured out how to get his spot on the bed by doing it now! (and you thought cats were nice! LOL!) My cats are very playful, daring, sometimes annoying and demanding, but all in all, I love them no matter what. for better or worse! They are my "kids" and I wouldn't change them in any way!
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I'm threatening to rename my trio Surely, Goodness, and Mercy ...

since they seem determined to follow me all the days of my life. LMAO

But it's great, too! I have lived alone for most of the last 20 years, and while I don't want "someone to come home to" that I would actually have to cook for and cater to, it's nice not to come home to a completely EMPTY apartment. LOL
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Kitty greets me at the door when I get home from work. She usually follows me around the house. I can't shut the door to the bathroom or she paws at it until I open it. I'm not sure why, but sometimes she walks in front of me as I'm walking. She sits next to me when I'm cross stitching or watching TV. If I'm reading laying down, she'll jump up on my chest and lay down right in front of the book. I sure wouldn't trade her for anything!
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i have a kitty...just one by herself and i dont think i will ever do that again next time i get the kitty a buddy...but right now cuz of school and stuff i could not afford the care of 2 kitties if they got sick or something so i will have the one for now and next time i addopt and older i would not trade my baby for the world she is my heart
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Oh yeah, kittens are mint but I would think carefully before getting another one rather than adopting an older cat. They are so joyful and lovely but SUCH hard work! Sashka was the biggest handful - much more so than my puppies, and it took her months and months to grow up. Of course, I miss it now, but I don't know if I'd go back there in a hurry!
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You just described a morning with Lily! She is SO woud up and full of energy. I get tired just watching her! But I wouldnt give her up for the world!
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When Sleeves was a baby I thought he was mad but I think Nismo is more so than he was.
We got him when he was 6 weeks and I think that was too early to be taken away from Mummy but Nismo was 8 weeks and she is so much more adventurous. It took Sleeves a few days to investigate the whole flat but Nismo did it on the first night. She's so kittenish its untrue but she is ADORABLE. I need to get some new pics in furpics.
Don't you love the crazy jumps they do as kittens? Or the way they go up on their back legs like a kangaroo and put their front legs out in front of them when they are playing with something and pass it from paw to paw?
Im sure all you kitten owners know exactly what I mean
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Originally Posted by Pombina
Don't you love the crazy jumps they do as kittens? Or the way they go up on their back legs like a kangaroo and put their front legs out in front of them when they are playing with something and pass it from paw to paw?
Im sure all you kitten owners know exactly what I mean
i know what u mean lolz it so cute
my kitty was the biggest pain at night when she was a kitten. in the morning at around 7ish she would wake me up "breakfast time!"
and at night she would atack your legs and anything that would move.
the one time my brothers friend was sleeping over and she bit him in the toes good times, good times
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My fabulous four- a box of feral kittens dropped off at my house almost 2 years ago, who never left (one died of cardiomyopathy) are infamous in the destruction they have caused!

My husband nicknamed them, "The Four Kittens of the Apocolypse" and I nicknamed them, "The Spawn of Satan" after the two females ATE ALL THE CREAMED CHEESE FROSTING off of a pan of brownies the morning they had an appointment to be spayed!!
Thank God my kids piped up and informed me of this AFTER we made the 30-mile trip to the low-cost spay clinic, right before the doc took them back! We might have lost them both that morning. I had no idea they had done it!

They sound like a herd of wildebeasts as they gallop through our mostly uncarpeted house!
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That's the one thing that gets me. The galloping through the house. Sometimes I can't tell if it is Lily, Twitch, or one of the two dogs(80# & 55#). lol It is funny when you don't know if it is an 80 pound dog or a 8 pound cat racing around upstairs!

BTW- Lily is a smartie! She kneads my forhead every morning now. Thankfully she is wearing nail caps. Yeah, well, one of the nail caps came off one of her front claws sometime last night. All I have to say is "OW!"
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