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Kitty Clothes Patterns?

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I can't seem to find any places around here that sell clothes for my babies . I can't order anything online so thats out also . I was wondering if anyone had any patterns that they could email me I am ok (not the best) with a sewing machine and can do simple patterns. Any suggestions on making clothes for my babies?
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you can buy dog clothes, I have.

they work just fine if you find the right size.
I usually get X-small or small.

That's what LaceyDF also uses for her kitty Juicy.

Also, I took a set design class for theatre in high school and we had a costume design class that taught us how to make custom costumes.
You just take the measurements of the arm from the shoulder to midway underarm and neck and torso length and make your own patterns from any kind of paper.
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i have seen a few clothes for dogs but none that i liked (im picky lol) they were mostly just little t-shirts that said super mutt and stuff like that lol
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