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Cat Repellant Recommendation

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First I want to say I have searched past posts and have not found a brand name people recommend. They suggest alternatives but these alternatives have not worked for me. The kittens have three scratching posts ranging from 2 feet to 5 feet in height. They also have the alpine scratcher and the flat cardboard scratcher and 2 hanging scratch pads. I can't any more furniture for them to scratch there is just no more room.

I don't really want to use softpaws because the kittens love to climb their multi-level cat trees and shimmy up the posts. I have tried the double sticky tape but the kittens tear it off with their teeth and I have already a scare with Darci eating something she should not have. So I am asking for just a name of a cat repellant someone has used to stop the kittens from scratching my couches to bits. I am not mad at them I know it is natural behavior I am not mean to them, I love them and just really want to keep my couches is all and make them happy, so any suggestions would be helpful.

Note: I have not tried citrus yet and I just read tonight that may work but while I am putting an order in for their Xmas gifts I wanted to add something to save my couches.

Thanks for reading and understanding!
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This is what I do. I have one couch Mr. Sofa that the cats are allowed to scratch. They learned that this one can be shredded, but the others are not to be touched. It has worked well for me but the poor couch is taking a beating. Yes, I have scratching posts and climbing ramps etc, but cats like furniture for two reasons, the furniture is steadier than a cat post, and they can stretch their backs on the wide surface
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Thanks Hissy but that is not an alternative for me. As I said I cannot add more furniture to the house. I read your post about stopping scratching and that is why I asked the specific question and tried to address everything that will not work. The fact is I live on the water in a suburb of DC, so space is a premium. If you want something on the water you can't get much space. (obviously the cats are indoor only)The kittens like to be in the main room with me (and I like them there) and there is not a chance I can add another piece of furniture to the front room.

Unless someone tells me natural cat repellant is damaging to the kittens health I really would like to try it.
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I use sisal rugs and play on them with her. i also have one near each of her favorite sleeping places so she can get a good long stretch after napping. I have also seen corner shaped scrtach posts which can put on the corne of a sofa. not elegant but effective. Keeping her claws blunt helps too, far less damage. I am a beginner at this but it's working so far.
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Thanks Hissy I will look into that. Abigal my kittens have sisal - 3 scratching post, cardboard scraching post etc...they use them but still like our white couches and they are played with more than my boyfriend. As a beginner you are lucky you get to keep your couches. Iny mon said how about something that shocks - I almost fell over - I said would you shock a baby? SHe did laugh and realized she was being crazy. If nothing else works than the cats will win and I will not love them any less.
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Originally Posted by DarciFinn
So I am asking for just a name of a cat repellant someone has used to stop the kittens from scratching my couches to bits.
One of our cats found a "favorite place" on a sofa -- the only piece of furniture in our house which appealed to him. We purchased a spray bottle of "No Scratch," by "Pet Organics" at a cat show, sprayed a little on the spot he wanted to scratch, and "Bingo," no more scratching there. To this day we do not know whether "No Scratch" did the trick or whether "Samwise the Jokester" was just pulling our leg from the beginning. Anyway, no more sofa scratching.

You might want to give this a try. It did not stain the sofa at all, but you might want to do a test on a place out of sight. Need not gamble a lot of $$ --we just Googled up 16 ounces advertised on for $7.99. Same price at

We coupled this with using both dry catnip and catnip spray on our cats' scratching post and Alpine Scratcher, and all has been well ever since.

Good luck! Your efforts are well worth the time and money, since their natural instincts can deny you a lot of pleasure from furbabies unless you can overcome them amicably.

All the best,
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I was contacted over a year ago by a gentleman who had invented a product he said was guaranteed to keep cats from scratching your couch. He called it kouch knorners and I saw the sketch. Basically it looked like these huge plexiglass corners that fit around your couch. He wanted us ( to market them, which we don't do. I haven't heard from him since, nor have I seen hide or hair of his website he was constructing. And I have looked, because this is a common problem I get contacted about.

If there is one couch they go to, then just let them have that couch. That's what I ended up doing, and we have since moved the couch upstairs. But they use it all the time, and that's fine, its their couch after all-
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Thank you Beach Bum I will head out now to get it I will also check for plexiglass. There is no way I can give up one of my couches right now they are set and less than a year old. If I had the room I would go to Sears and get something cheap they can scratch but I do love my couches and am hoping I don't have to have a ratty house just to have the boos.
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I second the no scratch by pet organics.

It worked very well for scratch training for my boys.
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Citrus-scented Febreze fabric deodorizer has worked fairly well for me. Two precautions if you use it: don't spray it while the cat is present - you don't want a cat to breath the mist; and give it a chance to dry before the cat can come into contact with it. Same reason. If you follow those two precautions, it's safe to use.
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Have you tried Sticky Paws?
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Yes Sticky aws seems to be fun for them they things it is a game. There tear it off and bat it around and after I a scare I had with Darci ingesting the wrong thing I did not want to chance it. I tried "No Scratch" so far they are a little interested in the smell but they are not liking it so stay away.
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