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A sweater?

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If the cat feels cold due to the weather, how willing is it to wear a sweater?
My senior Joji seems chilled by the December cool temperature of the tropics. I am not sure how well she will take to clothing since she can't even stand a collar. She doesn't mind being wrapped in a blanket though.
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Well, Cupid likes it, but he's been wearing them since he was a baby. I never had any trouble putting one on him, though. He sticks his little paws out so I can put them through the holes. The best way to find out is to try it! Good luck!
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My Sphynx Girls love them but they have been used to them since kittenhood so perhaps that makes a difference?
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Zoey tolerats tshirts and sweatshirts just no dresses
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Clinton doesn't seem to mind the occassional shirt (or even his coat i bought him for traveling to my mother's in chicago later this week - i want him to be able to explore the snow ) But he coincidently also hates wearing his collar, but the harness he'll tolerate.

oh those furkids!
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Originally Posted by sharky
Zoey tolerats tshirts and sweatshirts just no dresses
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Originally Posted by danalee2682
oh those furkids!

Well, Joji prefers cotton over other "clothing" materials. I guess the "static" effect is important on what our kitties will tolerate on their furs.
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Where did you find the shirts and sweaters? My kitten's just now 3 months old and I'd like to get her used to wearing them occassionally.
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I buy human babies at the resale baby store tshirts can be had for a quarter.. to 50 cents vs pet that are 10 -20 dollars
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Our rex just goes under the covers when he's cold. The rest have coats and don't mind. Only cats I can see putting a sweater on are those with NO fur at all
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My cats generally congregate around the vents when the furnace is running, or find a nice warm lap. Fergus, my Sphynx will climb under the covers or go in to his little kitty tent. He's made it plain that he is an exibitionist and refuses to wear clothing. Besides my husband would think I've really lost it if I start buying baby clothes for the kitties
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Mister loves going in the snow but he gets cold so I bought him a sweater, he hated it - pretended he couldn't walk and lay on his back
until i put his harness on then we went outside and he forgot he was wearing it.
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