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need help with my feral cat

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First-I am sorry about my bad English.
I have a feral cat, she is about 6 mounts old.
I have her since she was 3 mounts old.
I made a little progress with her over time, but for the past month it stop
I never pet her, not once, she is very scared from any movement, especially hands.
But still-She sometimes eats from my hand.
When I don’t move she feel rather safe even to lie down near me (about one-two feet away).
For the past 3 mounts she lives in one room. When I get in her room she always run away but she doesn’t hiss at me anymore
I have 3 more cats and a dog.
My questions are:
1) How can I make her feel safe with movement, and not be afraid from hands ?
2) Should I let her out the room and meet the others now, or should keep her in one room until she will not be afraid from me and let me pet her?
3) If you have any advice to give me on how to tame her and how to meet her with the others, I would like to hear.

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This will be a good thread for you to read:


Basically, you will have to work on her terms...which means time and patience.

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i read the article.
i have done most of the things there.
but there is no progress with the petting-she just too scared.
i do play with her, and she sometimes come near and smells me a little.
but thats it, is there any chance that after 3 mounts she will suddenly let me pet her?
can u answer me the other quastion?
should i let her out the room and meet the others pets before i can pet her?
and how should i do it? because i cant touch her i am afraid that there will be a fight and i will not be able to stop it...
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This can take much longer than you would like, but she may tame down. My brother had a feral cat that was about 3 years old when he finally trapped the cat, took him to the vet & had the cat neutered & vaccinated. My brother had just moved, so the cat did not go back to his old territory, but to the new yard. Anyway, after that, the cat became tame enough to pet. It's been 2 almost now, and the cat is just now beginning to come inside for visits, although when outside he likes to be petted. Has your cat been spayed yet? It seems to make them more like kittens again, and they seem to get tamer. I think that you are wise to keep the cat confined when she is so skittish - you are correct, if there is a fight between her and the rest of your cats, it could create more problems.
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It just takes time. Ignoring is the best bet, truly. Ignoring a cat allows the cat to visibly relax, nothing is being required of the cat except to exist. It takes time and more time with some cats, don't rush it, don't expect anything and when it happens it is all the more special.
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