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Dreaded Spring and Summer activites

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Oh no, now that spring and summer are on the way, there is ONE thing I don't like about it. Road work! Yuck! Even if I am taking the bus, I still don't like it. Road blocks, detours,noise! They just barely finished the I-15 freeway project that took about four years to complete. Last year, they worked on all state street. When I have to wait for the bus, the road crew would be working nearby and the noise really gets to me(I don't like noise). I am also not looking forward to the noisey lawn mowers. I get allergies when they mow the lawn and the scent still comes to me from outside. Even with the windows shut!
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Hubby & I are doing a big spring cleanup in our house this up coming weekend (we have Fri & Mon off due to Easter). All the cupboards, closets,drawers, etc will be be cleaned. All surfaces will be polished. I hate spring cleaning - I will need a long weekend to recover from my long weekend!
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Ugh! I hate all of the construction too. We are suppossed to enjoy the nice quiet Spring and Summer days, but how can we with jack hammers and dump trucks making noise everywhere. But, I guess that its gotta be done, so we just have to live with it.
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I don't even notice the noise any longer. I live right under the flight path to Canada's ;argest airport (Pearson) so I get noise all the time - what is a little extra. The construction only bothers me when it slows my bus route home from work. At least the finished the road work on that stretch last year (at least I think it is done!).
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Well, the thing I hate most about summer (which starts in May around here) is . . .

Shaving for the bathing suit!

I so wish they'd bring back the ones with the legs. I can deal with being fat in a suit, but the stubble just kills me! (yes, I usually wear shorts over it)
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Sunlion, you are too funny
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I love spring. Summers here tend to get really hot and humid. We have a lot of red days where it's not safe to be outside doing phyical labor. I don't like that aspect of it.
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Summers are great here in Nova Scotia- we get the cool breeze off of the water- I love it! We do have our really hot days, but humidity is pretty non-existant. Spring here is so gorgeous- tons of wilflowers. I love every season except winter- which is kind of dreary. Theres not a single thing I can say bad about the other three seasons here though. I LOVE where I live
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Oh I love Spring and Summer. Racer sheds out and gets lean and I get to ride him as the mud will vanish from our riding trails. I am going to teach him to drive this summer, he is halfway there, but now I am going to invest in a cart and see how he does with pulling it. He is going to look so cool pulling a cart!
My friends and I will be going on overnight trail rides and just enjoying the heck out of the nice weather. I love this time of year!
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Ahhhh, spring and summer. I dislike the construction as well, but it beats snow storms, cold winds, and just plain nasty winter!!! As you can tell, I'm not a winter girl at all!!! No spring cleaning here...for my long weekend, I am going to laze around the house all day and do absolutely nothing! Something I'm not used to these days. I actually scored this weekend off, so my three-day laze-fest begins tomarrow at 5:00pm.
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I love Spring and SPRING BREAK (am a teacher) but hate making tests!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished writing a test and have considered that I am spending far more time writing the darn thing than my students will spend studying for it. There is certainly something wrong with that.

Spring Break starts tomorrow at 3 p.m.


OK, OK, OK... so I went a little smilie-crazy... I'm new here and they are a toy...
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I'm glad, for the warmer weather - my arthritis eases up. Within a month or so, we'll be over 100 degrees, though. We hung a bamboo blind on the west side of the patio and we have a mister. Should be nice, this summer. The snowbirds and university students will be leaving, soon, so traffic will ease a bit. Spring training ends, this week, too. We have a lot of road construction, too. That, I have mixed feeling about: its an annoyance, dodging road crews but, on the other hand, my Bill works for a paving/construction company. A lot of that road work means that we have a nice, comfy home, well-maintained vehicles, a well-stocked pantry and my beautiful Opie. Also, my son, Mark works for Blue Stake, marking utility and water lines, for construction. I guess I have a love/hate relationship, with construction.
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I like to go hiking up the mountains slopes! I have been walking every morning now that the weather is getting better. I am going to buy me some weights to take with me. I love the spring smells. I don't know about wearing shorts, though. I have all the cellulite for all to see and they are as white as a ghost. So I will be shaping up. And I tend to eat more fresh fruit and veggies. And I love to listen to the birds singing in the trees.
I am not looking forward to 100 degree weather!!! Too hot! At least I am looking for the ice cream truck that comes several times a day. I really don't like their ice cream. All popcicles and sandwiches and stuff. If I had my own ice cream business, I'd be selling ice cream cones!
I am also eager to go to the amusement park! Its been ages since I've been to Lagoon! I love the rollercoasters and the water park!
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Alicia - I was watching the TV show "The View" and the had an exercise segment. They said it is bad for you to walk with weight either on your ankles or arms. It is supposed to cause damage to your muscles and ligiments. The important thing, they said, was to walk at a brisk pace. Quick enough that you can't talk properly when you are walking.

I am glad Rascal is OK!
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Okay, not the weights that go around your wrist, but what about the hand weights that you carry?

I'm not likely to use them myself, just curious.
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The fitness expert on the show said any weights can cause tendon damage.
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