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cats fight

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I have 7 cats in my household. They are relatives.A female cat has her 3 children, and also.When a cat breed 3 or 4 kittens,I always put one in, and send others to other persons.I realy love the kitties very much,I always reluctent to leave it to others.In my country,cats are not treated in good conditions.Someone raise them only for catching rats.Any more,In my household, a 3-year-old male cat always fight with a thin female cat.But the male cat used to be same treated by another male cat which was the top-cat in my household I have just sent to others.Why did such thing happen? Who can tell me how I can do? I'm sorry my English is not very well.
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It seems the male is now trying to push for his position as head of the house. If they are indoor/outdoor theres not a whole lot you can do. It is natural for him to want to take charge. If he becomes too violent, you may want to find him another home without cats if possible.
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Dear Mimi,
You sound so sweet and so sorrowful because you have this pain in your heart for your kitties. I'm sorry. You don't mention if you spay or nuetuer your cats. Are you a breeder? I don't understand only because you didn't mention it...not because of your English. I hope if you are not a breeder, there is a vet that can help you with getting your cats spayed/nuetuered at a low cost; you have 7 cats...that a lot! Vets here aren't that inexpensive either, but we have low cost clinics here. Do you have programs like that where you live? I see from your profile you live in China. Please let me know how you're coming along with this dilemma.
God Bless You & Yours
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