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I'm a bad Mommy - Don't Make This Mistake

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Yesterday, I came home from shopping and set my shopping bags down in the foyer while I went to the bathroom, etc. One of my kitties (naturally) went to inspect the bags and proceeded to get his neck caught in one of the shopping bag handles. He freaked out and went running around with the bag around his neck. Fortunately, after a couple of tries, I managed to tackle him and remove the bag. He was plenty scared (so was I) but was otherwise OK. It could have been so much worse (and I feel terrible). I'm sure most of you already know about this danger, but if not, please don't leave bags with handles out.
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You are not a bad Mom otherwise you would not have posted this! Anyway I am sure it happened at least once to all of us. My Loki got his head caught in the shopping bag handle of a plastic bag and did the same as yours. Scared the living #!$@%$@#%$# out of both of us.
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One of my cats-a few years ago- got tangled in the drapery cords. She was so badly wrapped that, if I hadn't been home, I'm sure she would have eventually hanged herself. They're like children; you have to think of every angle! I tied up all the drapery cords after that.
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Don't feel bad. It's happened to all of us. Xavier always runs over to the lazy susan when it's open because that's where his food it kept. One day I opened it for something and he ran over and I didn't notice he was swatting at his food bag and shut his paw in the door!! I felt so bad!! I couldn't get the door open fast enough.
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You are definitely not a bad mommy! (Bad mommys would just laugh at their cat while it was running around hysterical)

We had one of those hanging mouses that squeeks. It hung from the top of the door. Somehow, Trent got the elastic string wrapped so tight around his paw that he couldn't get loose. Ophelia thought he was injured and was hissing, growling and beating on him. Poor baby was so scared, he even peed on the floor. And by that time was trapped under the table with the string wrapped around the legs of the table. It took us the rest of the night to get both of them calmed down, with Trent just being scared out of his mind, and Ophelia trying to kill anything that came near her. I felt so bad, like I should have known that the string was getting too long.

It happens to all of us at one point or another.
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I've had both the plastic bag horror and the drapery cord horror, and shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn't been home!

And I second hell603 and valanhb's comments!
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When we first got Sunshine, I used to put her on the back steps with her leash so she had enough leash to roam the entire area, but couldn't escape. She loved it, she would bake in the sun and just lay there. Well one day, she decided to try to jump up on the railing, and fell over and was hanging by her leash. I don't know if she was there very long or not, but I heard her crying and got her immediatley. It was awful, I think she would have strangled herself if I hadn't gotten her when I had.
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Stuff like that happens to everyone who has kitties! When we got our first two kitties, Bod and Tetley, Tetley used to like to climb and investigate everywhere, one night I woke up to hear this pitiful mewing coming from downstairs... I went down only to find Tetley dangling from the ironing board by his back paw!! It was actually stuck in the bit where the legs cross when you fold them up!! I don't know how long he'd been there, but he had a little limp for a couple of hours!! - He was fine though.... PHEW!!
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Rhea, That's such a pitiful sight in my mind! I can picture that poor lamb hanging there, crying! Oh---
You know there's a danger that is hard to control-young kittens chewing on electrical cords. They all do it, and we're lucky they don't get electricuted more often. I don't know the solution to that problem. Does anyone else?
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It does definately happen as they are curious beasts! My hubby accidently locked Merlin between the screen door and the wooden door at the front of our house. He didn't see Merlin when he came in trying to sneak out (hense the term sneak). John went downstairs to check e-mails and didn't realize Merlin was stuck. Merl probably enjoyed it for the 1st 5 minutes or so - he got to sniff out the screen window. Fortunately I was home 10 minutes after the hubby. I was 2 houses away and I could hear the cat cries. I still haven't let my hubby live that one down! Then again - Merl is always getting himself into these situation. We once flipped over the couch to retrieve cat toys. Merl made an openning in the bottom of the couch and crawled into the couch cavity. We flipped the couch over and I sat down to watch tv. After a couple of minutes I heard muffled cat cries. I thought he was somewhere in the house. We went in search of him and finally decided to flip over the couch. There he was - fortuantley we have a very sturdy couch - hubby won't let me live down the fact that I was basiclly sitting on Merlin - I blamed him for flipping the couch. Merlin is always in trouble
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Jeanie!! I know!! He looked so sad!! He had some major "Mummy snuggles" when I got him down!! haha - and a good idea to stop kitties chewing cables/wires, is to spray them (the wires, not the cats!) with bitter apple spray or anything citrus as they don't like the smell/taste of it, its alos quite good for getting them to stop scratching things they shouldn't.

Ady - that is sooooo funny!!! Poor little Merl!! All squished under Mummy's butt!! hahaahah :laughing: :laughing2 :LOL:
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Thanks, Rhea! I didn't know that. Orchids to you, or should I make it Poptarts?
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Jeanie about your question regarding the chewing of electrical cords. I have a couple of suggestions:

1- Get bitter apple gel at Petsmart, Petco and
smear it on the cord - one taste and yukkk

2- There is a kind oftubing you can run cables through, that way they can't get to them.

3- Wrap aluminum foil around the cable - my bay hates that in his mouth.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the tips. None of my babies has ever been hurt that way, but I have seen the possible results on the Animal Channel, and my kittens have all played with cords. It's better to be safe!
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Thanks. I feel a little better knowing that others have had "episodes" with their kitties. Mine are just into everything! Fred is the one that had the shopping bag episode. He's a big, kinda dopey guy (around 20 lbs at 9 months) and I really have to watch him. He'll eat anything that will fit into his mouth. I've had other kitties, but none of them were as accident prone as big Fred.
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One day I got home from having dinner out(I was gone maybe 2.5 hrs.)and I saw Bella laying by the front door and not MEOWING at me to say HI-so I lifted her up and saw to my horror her collar stuck in her didn't break away. She was soaking wet paws and face and had blood at the corners of her mouth and paws from trying to get it free. I cut it free-cleaned her up and put antibiotic ointment on her wounds. Unfortunly even after I visited the vet the next day to make sure she didn't neeed stitches-she formed an abcess...whole other problem.
To this day she runs when she sees a collar but not her harness-go figure
We all make mistakes but it doesn't make us bad mommies & daddies.
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Monica, that was scary! I'm glad Bella is okay. We never have collars for our cats, don't know why, maybe we just don't like them. Casper would look good in red collar though, I think, he's black... another matter is, if he would accept a red collar....or collar in general
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Yup, I always have to get Cleo out from inside of a plastic bag! She will not ignore the bags, she HAS to investigate them. Other than that, both of my cats have been okay.
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I've had the shopping bag incident happen with at least 3 of my cats that I can remember. One of them took of flying down the stairs with the bag acting as a parachute behind him. It would have been a hilarious site (he looked like a cat with a superman cape) if it hadn't been so scary. Poor baby freaks out everytime we rustle a bag We hide all the grocery bags but somehow they manage to find the one bag we didn't put away or else dig it out of the bag hamper.
Another peril is glasses of water, one of my cats got his head stuck in a glass while trying to drink out of it. He got his head out but not before he managed to spill half the water all over his face!
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I had almost forgotten about this until I read the post.....My kitty Tigger, who left me to cross the Rainbow Bridge on 4/17/02, had just come to live with me when it happened. I woke up to horrible meowing and a frantic whipping sound. She had gotten her head caught in a department store shopping bag, and was running around like a maniac trying to get out. It was scary and was not an easy task to catch her and get her out of the bag handle. Thank goodness I was able to though, so she could be my warm fuzzy sweetie for the next 11 years!
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Val - Jinxy did the same thing with one of those hanging toys off of a door knob. It wrapped very tightly around his little paw and he was trapped. He was such a good boy though, he just lay there waiting for me to get home. I was much more upset than he was. Thank goodness I was gone for only a bit. Please take my advice, NEVER leave those hanging toys on your door knobs when you are not home of if kitty is unattended. It could have been much worse. There should be a disclaimer or something on the packaging!! I felt horrible.
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