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Hello, I'm new on the block :)

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Hello there all you cat lovers!

I'm new here. Was messing around looking for answers to why a few of my cats have a couple syst on them, I got led here by one of the links so I figured I'd join up.

Anyway about me, I'm 24 and live in North Carolina. Still live with my parents and we have 11 cats, Yes'm I said 11 my dears I love all my darlin'. They are quite a handfull mind you.

I was going to just introduce the cats by the album but I've since changed my mind, I will individually introduce my babies

The oldest and matriarch of the family of "fart heads" as I love to call them Is Baby and this is her
She is roughly 10 years old, she started this mess and once she started it well we fell in love with her babies, got rid of some and kept some. Her lovely babies had more babies. I will do the family tree of them later, once ya'll get to know me more.
here are the rest

Zippy and Bug together, they are brothers

Bug by himself



Frisky (she'd like you to shake her paw)

Zippy by himself
Tigger and Johnny, Tigger is the fur ball, Johnny the yellow and white

Johnny thinking about the cat looking back at him


Pooh (he thought he might read awhile)

Gray Socks

And this was the cat that passed away last year. She was very sick and we had to put her down, she is missed very much!

Snuggles (she loved to pet me)

And now you have my introduction. Johnny sits besides me saying hello!
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YAY!! Beautiful fur friends you got there! I bet you spend lots on kitty litter! and not mention kitty food! my goodness!

But they all look so happy and healthy, Welcome to TCS, you will LOOOOVE it here! Good luck with all them fur babies! and take a look around the site, many many things you can find that are sooo helpful, and you've probably got lots to share about your kitties!

Thanks so so much for all the pics, We LOVE pictures around here!! Well I do anyhow.
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Thanks so much for the warm welcome for me and my fur babies

I'm sure I'll really enjoy it around here and yeah I do have tons of stories about my kitties
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hello and welcome
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what a beautiful bunch these are! Baby looks like she has eye liner on, what a pretty girl she is...welcome to TCS
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What an adorable fur family you have!
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Hello and welcome! What a beautiful furr family you have!
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Welcome. those sure are some purty babies!!
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
What a big and great family you have!!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Wow..that's alot of cats. I have three and somedays its enough to drive me a little crazy! They are beautiful though, welcome.
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Hi welcome to the site.
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my lord 11 purrrty kitties how nice thats quite a collection or family you have welcome to tcs
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Hi and welcome! You'll definitely find a lot of answers on here. I've gotten answers to questions I didn't even know I had!
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Hello and welcome!! It's nice to meet you!!
What a great bunch of cuties you have there!!

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