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help! i can't leave the house!

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please dont yell at me for posting another peeing problem. its just i am so tired already...havent eaten today and my dinner is ruined...well let me explain...
i am companion to an almost 8 yr old calico female, and we have always been very close. i just recently moved over 2 mos ago, and since then she has been peeing on my bedding area, mainly my pillow, whenever i leave. i an renting a room, and she stays in the room. at first she didnt do this at all, but as the weeks are passing she is doing this more and more. now it is almost everytime i leave, even if for just a minute. i am not very active at all, i am on disability for depression and am only going to school part time, i dont have ANY friends, so no social life for a few months now. i am not going to go into my personal situation.
today i left for about 45 min to mail a letter and get something to eat. i came back, all appeared ok, i went to use the bathroom, was very quick, came back into my room to a huge puddle on my makeshift pillow. she has peed on every pillow i owned, and then the one my mom gave me. i was using my winter jacket rolled up into a sheet as a pillow, because i am pretty poor and cant afford new pillows everyday. i know this is pathetic but what else could i do? now those are in the washer, my dinner is cold and useless. i feel like i cant leave at all without coming back to a big mess, something permantently destroyed, or both. i love this cat with all my heart, she is the only friend i have and she is not going anywhere. what should i do?? ive taken her to the vet, they said its a behavioral issue. ive been giving her more attention, buying her more treats, etc. but the problem obviously isnt going away.

can anyone help?

-stressed out kitty companion
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Gosh thats not a good situation! ...im not even sure what to tell you. If the kitty gets mad when you leave she sure shows you.....what if you covered your bed with plastic? or at least the pillow area? Maybe the new "feel" to it, would keep her away..or try spraying something with a strong citrus scent on the pillow area and maybe she wont go there..Good luck.
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1) How many litterboxes do you have? If you only have one, get some more. You can just keep cheap little ones and put them right on the floor by where she goes. Put them in a few spots. As the peeing inappropriately cuts bback, start taking away a litter box, one at a time. You should have 2 boxes at all times though if you have one cat. Always one more box then cat.

2) Is she spayed? I assume she is at her age and if the vet didn't say anything about it needing to be done.

3) It is a pain in the butt but you could always get a small tarp and throw it over your bed when you get up.
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Oh and of course, I forgot to mention, buy a Feliway Diffuser plug in. They are a bit expensive but they work well for inappropriate problems. Get a few of them, buy them online, in bulk or something...Feliway works.
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Take this cat to the vet quickly and get the cat checked for a UTI ask for a needle draw that is the best way to catch a bacterial infection. Not sure what you meant about posting yet another post about peeing, since you only have one post on your record? But if you want to help this cat, take her to the vet.
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I agree with Hissy that you should try the vet again, or maybe another vet?

Also, I had a similar problem with my kitty before she was spayed (right before she went into heat). After she was spayed the problem went away within a few days, but I also had to retrain her. To do this you need to put her somewhere where she can't pee all over everything while you are not watching her. I had my kitty in the bathroom with litter that was always fresh. I didn't want to do this because I felt sorry for her but in the end it was the right thing to do because she became trained and seemed to be feeling happier. And, she didn't mind the bathroom. I think it gave her a little security during a stressful time.
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Hi. You said you were renting a room? Is your cat only allowed to be in that one room or does she have the run of the place? If she is only allowed in one room,it could be that she is very bored and unstimulated and is acting out because of this. If this is the situation, I'm not sure how you could solve it,but just thought I might throw this idea out as to why she's doing it.
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Hey there, thats tough,

I dont know if this helps but I was reading a site thats linked to TCS somewhere (will see if I can find again) it basicaly says that we often mistake this (weeing on beddding/pillows) for anger at us for going out but it usualy means the cat is/maybe stressed. Im not sure what the suggestions were but as I said will have a looksee to find it again and post for you..

In the meantime, keep ur chin up, things will eventualy be resolved Im sure :-)

I do know what its like to feel at the end of ur tether tho.. Goodluck
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I agree with smokie. I don't think she's mad, I think she's just upset and doesn't know how to handle the new living situation. Try confining her to one room and see how she does. Best wishes!
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Sorry, just re-read your post. Instead of a room (since it seems you're in one), maybe a kitty crate (even a cardboard box) might help. Just something to help her feel secure.
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ok, I still cant find the link Im looking for but, I remember that it did say either a tarp or shwer curtain, they dont like to walk on them.

All the best..
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I am sorry to hear about your situation, but I am glad that you have a furry friend to ease your loneliness. I doubt that she is mad at you even though I have one kitty who poops in my shoes when he is unhappy about something. Talk about an annoying mess!

Anyway, I digress, here are a couple of suggestions:

1) As someone mentioned covering your bed until you get a handle on the problem might be a good idea. You don't even have to buy a tarp. You could use a cheap tablecloth or if it is just your pillow, stuff it in a plastic bag.

2) You may want to consider placing your furball in a pet carrier when you have to step out for a bit if you have one. If you don't, you could make a temporary one out of a cardboard box. Just be sure to make plenty of air holes.

3) Your kitty may be stressed from your recent move and cats are very perceptive, if you are stressed then it may be picking up on your emotions. I know from experience that if I am stressed and rushed and things are falling apart, this is when the motley crew decides to act up. They can't seem to wait until I am less panicy or spazzed out. Just hang in there things will get better. Time has an amazing way of smoothing over even the most turbulent of events in our lives. You and kitty will come through this difficult time.

4) Check back here frequently. This is a great site with lots of experienced posters. There probably hasn't been anything that someone here hasn't seen or dealt with at some point.

Hope something here will help you in this current difficulty. I pray that the Lord will guide and comfort you in your time of need. God bless and Meowry Christmas.
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