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Hello I have a mom cat who is spayed along with 4 of her male kittens and one of her female kittens. They are approaching 6 months old and I am just wanting to know if the kittens will try to breed with their siblings?
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Yes they will breed with each other. I had a friend's cats who did that. I'm not sure what the consequences can be for that, but I suggest you get them fixed asap just in case, at least the girl if you cannot afford to get them all fixed at once. I'm sure someone will come along who can give you more clear advice about this. I just know they can. One of my cats went into heat younger than your kittens are!
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Yes they will inbreed. The consequences can be lots of genetic deformities and problems. Proably not so much with the first generation but the more inbred the more risk of it. The thing you need to worry about is having way too many cats on your hands. Each of your girls will have more girls and those girls will have more girls and pretty soon you'll be overun by cats!
BTW- the male kittens will mate with the mom cat too.
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oh sorry I guess they cant mate with mom cat as she is spayed I didn't see that in the post.
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Yes I had momma spayed. I just have 1 female kitten, so I suppose the best way to go about this would be to have her spayed first;then work on the males later.
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Obviously you won't be able to let any of those boys go outside til they are neutered either ... and if you can't do it soon, they are gonna start spraying your house. Where are you located? I may be able to help you find a low- or no-cost spay/neuter clinic nearby you.
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Yes they will and there's a 50/50 chance the sister is pregnant now by her brothers. If not, you are lucky. I'd get her spayed first then work on the males. Are you keeping all of them?
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Yes, they will breed with one another! Fix 'em all ASAP. If finances are tight then yes, the female is your first priority.
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Maverick is the product of much interbreeding and had eye problems (which were solved with a costly operation) probably as a result.

contact your local vets or cat charity and ask about free/low cost spaying.
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