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Good luck vibes needed

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I need some vibes so that this adoption goes through fast and by christmas...My mom and I are adopting a puppy for my dad for christmas. And the last one we tried to get was adopted 2 hours before we sent the application in.

So now we are after Cooper. He's so cute, and my dad has wanted a puppy scince his last dog died last year(one of the only times I ever seen the man cry). So, Please give me some "good luck" vibes, so that this Application goes through and fast, and that someone else hasnt got our little cute fella.

Here's a link to him so you can see his Pic...He's so cute!!
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Crossing fingers and hoping the adoption goes through for you! He sure is a sweetheart!
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Cooper is gorgeous ! Lots and lots of good luck coming your way, hope you get to make your dad smile with this wonderful gift!
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Thanks so much guys, Im just asking for some vibes because the last puppy we wanted was adopted before we could scoop him up..

It was actually coopers brother called meatloaf. He was super cute. But we want cooper so bad, and they havent called yet.

They sent us the e-mail saying they got the app. and that they are going to send someone out to the house to do a "home inspection" or something. But nothing else. Leaving me totally up in the air. Aaaaaaaaaa!!
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Oh my goodness! He is so precious!! I do hope you get to adopt him - he looks just like the puppy my sister brought home when I was in 9th Grade. Right down to the white on the tips of his toes! Felicia was a wonderful dog, and we all still miss her very much.
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good luck..i hope you get him. i have my fingers crossed for you
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Ohhhh! What a sweetie! Good luck getting him!!!
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He's adorable. I hope everything goes through ok for you.
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