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OOOO Well done you!!
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Congratulations, Stephanie! Thanks for being the sweet, caring person that you are!
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Congratulations Steph!

When I saw the title, I thought something had happened, I was so scared for a second there!

Wishing you a happy 10,000 more!!
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That's a lot of typing! Fortunately, patting cat's fur is a well known cure for soothing aching fingers.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
You guys are so super terrific! I'm just glowing, you've made me so happy! Thank you so much, Mary Anne, Beth, Dan, Chris, Fran, Bridget, Eva, Sunnicat, Allie, Ashley, Chester&Piper, Karen, Fran, Sandra, Jenn, Lei, Jessica, MoochnNoodles, Ryan, Nancy, Laureen, DMG, Pat, Nancy, Shannon, Eddie, Linda, and Yayi! This has quite been all my pleasure, and I look forward to spending the next 10,000 posts with all of our friends here!
Oh I forgot! It also means at least 10,000 clappy smilies too.
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Thank you so incredibly much, Susan, Sam, Eileen, LilleKat, PL, and Mackenzie!
Wow, you guys are so great!

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we should have a cyber cake party .... Congrates on lots of good advice
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Stephanie you're a good friend and probably my favourite TCSers!

Congratulations to you and looking forward to many more of your wonderful posts!
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Originally Posted by hissy
has just achieved 10,000 posts!

Congrats Steph, on 10,000 concerned, caring and well thought out posts to the community.
Way to go Stephanie!!! Congratulations
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You guys are so sweet! Thank you!
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