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D.T, for Tuesday - the 26th!

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Good morning all!
Ahhhhh......Tuesday. The day AFTER that dreaded old Monday. The day just before hump day. Other than that - I cannot say moch about Tuesday!
Sitting here eating my pop-tarts for b'fast - wondering where my early morn bud Rhea (Bodlover) is - she usually drools on my
pop-tarts while I eat them. Gets the computer screen all messy and I have to clean it again!
Have a good day all - and HIDE those pop-tarts from Rhea if she happens to show up! :tounge2:
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Forgot to mention that she licks all the icing off first and then tries to leave you with the pastry part - all dry and stuff......
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Rhea is training a new temp today. She said in order to keep priorities straight, the first thing she's teaching is the brewing of tea. She has not yet graduated to pop tarts. Maybe you already ate yours, so she gave up on that!
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Does the cat site need a little coffee to get going in the mornings? It seems to take longer to get from one forum to the other.
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Flash!! Bodlover can't get through to the Cat Site. ( It hasn't been happy about letting me on either.) Debra, she's going through kitty-cat withdrawal. I suggest that all of her friends e-mail her. Maybe if we scatter bread crumbs she'll find her way here! She's really hungry for Debra's poptart. If you get through, you can keep the rest of us informed. Can you hear us out there, Rhea???We're trying to find you. You have a job to do! The alphabet game and the daily thread are suffering!!
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Whew!!! I made it here! I feel like I just climbed a mountain! It's bad enough that I was going through withdrawl from over the weekend but I was sick yesterday too so I wasn't at work (hence no TCS). Then the site is having problems today! Oh well, computers - gotta love em! I'm feeling much better today, thank my lucky stars! I just got an e-mail from my boss wanting to meet with me for my 6 month goals review. I guess I shouldn't include being on TCS more often while I'm at work as one of my goals

I hope everyone and the kitties have a marvelous Tuesday!!!!
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Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! I finally got on! Nothing much interesting happening today. It was snowing earlier, but it has let up now. What happened to Spring? Have a good day everyone and hopefully everyone will be able to connect.
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Glad to hear I wasn't the only one having problems this morning. I thought maybe the people at work were on to me being on here so much! LOL

Yesterday was terrible. My husband's car broke down and had to get it towed to the repair shop. It's a Volvo, so it has to go to a specialty shop/dealer, and what would normally cost a couple hundred will run us almost $900. And he told me that this would be an inexpensive car to have before I agreed to it. (That car has been nothing but trouble since we got it. ) Just not a good deal, especially since we are barely making ends meet to begin with. Sorry, just had to vent.

Hope everyone's day is going better than mine, but my day is looking up since I can get on here again!
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Well, I'm glad it's not just me! This is the first time all day I've been able to get online, and I've been trying off and on for 3 hours now!

Sunny day. Talked to a few other lawyers, still haven't made a decision. Jim is working on a final offer, so I'll see what that says first, and there is the option of arbitration rather than taking it to court. Hmm.

Daughter is at school. She's still not happy about it, but I think she'll be okay with it eventually. They are taking a field trip soon and she's pretty excited about that, so maybe she'll get settled in soon.

It's an okay day. Could be better, but not that long ago it was a lot worse . . .
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Well, hopefully today is better than the past few days. So far the worst thing that's happened is a prank phone call from some kids... No big deal! I can deal with things like that!

Yesterday was SO busy I just didn't hardly have time to pee (literally!) much less check in here! Today is pretty much the exact opposite... I'm almost bored! Oh, I have things I should do, but nothing I can't put off for a day or two!

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!
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My day just got a little bit better! Hubby went down to complain about the upstairs neighbor (AGAIN!), about the comments we heard from their party and the mess (YUK!) on our balcony. She is giving them the 3 day eviction notice today - quiet again by the weekend!!

I felt bad about complaining about him all the time until the 3rd week in a row with a party (or more than one party) on the weekend and finding the puke on my balcony. Enough is enough - that kid needs to learn to be a little bit considerate of other people who live in the same area, and have a little respect for other people.

Just thought I would share! It sounds bad for me to be happy about someone getting evicted, but with everything he's done (and what he put my poor kitties through - they don't deal well with loud noises constantly!) I am just glad to see him go!
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I was on the site this morning then I couldn't get thru for hrs - how horrible. I think I finished all of the quizzes on emode and was doing different quizes on another site. I am so glad TCS is back!
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Guess I was not the only one with troubles trying to get to TCS earlier today. Finally, I made it.

Tomorrow is Rascal's big day. He is getting neutered. I don't care what anyone says, I still am feeling a bit nervous! At least, I will be at school while the procedure is being done and I can pick him up at 5 in the afternoon. I never felt like this before, its like a parent with a child. I have to leave him at 7:30 in the morning. I just want to have it done and over with so that both me and Rascal can relax! How long does a male cat have to recover? Will he be sleepy for the next few days or will he be up and running? I bet tomorrow I will be all nerves. After my classes, I am going to call them and see how he is doing(like a worried mom!). I will be thinking about my baby all day!
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What a "drismal" (dismal +drizzling) day in the Pittsburgh area. We have been in need of rain for quite a while, but enough is enough! I just heard of a flash flood warning for the valleys. It's time to bring the puppy (a 9 year old 90 lb. collie) in. Yesterday he was in almost all day, and he hates being confined like that. But I'm sure he's tired of sitting on the porch out of the drizzle. It's the family room for you, Pup Pup. (He was already named Beethoven when I got him, and regardless of the fact that I am a music teacher and a Beethoven freak, I hate to be a copy cat.) I hope tomorrow is better, weather-wise and Cat Site-wise! At least we got Rhea out of cyberspace and across the pond!!
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Been home, about an hour. Is it me or, are Walgreen's shoppers particularly stupid? The sale prices and items are clearly printed, in the weekly circular AND on the shelves: WHY do they persist in bringing the WRONG items to the poor, beleagured cashier (yours, truly)? Hopefully, I will be out of that store, soon. Put in for a transfer, closer to home, yesterday. Wish me luck!
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OMG OMG!!! Am I too late for your Poptarts Deb?!?!?!?! I know its now Wednesday but it wasn't my fault!!! Honest!!!Now hand 'em over and let me eat the icing..!!! C'mon!!! Im having withdrawel symptoms!! And I think, seeing as I AM late and have been without them for a whole DAY, I should get the ones you're gonna eat this-morning too!! haha

Well yesterday Tuesday, was ok for me - except not being able to get on here!! UGH!! I had a new temp in to train as Jeanie rightly said.... I think she's finally got the hang of making tea!! haha
Hubby got in real late from work, so we basically ate dinner, sat around for about 1/2 hour with the kitties, then went to bed.... oh the excitement...

Hopefully today will be more productive!!
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I just wanted to say I had problems with this site on Sunday. Some of you must have had similiar problems on Tuesday.

I already know the pop-tarts are gone, so I won't ask for any.
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Well, well, well. We finally hear from the pop-tart queen acorss the pond!
Rhea - are you sure that the new temp you were training is not called STRAWBERRY ICED?
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Noooooo!!! Don't do that to me Deb!!! Do you WANT me to take a bite outta my temp?!?!?!? Hmmm?!?!?!? It'll be your fault if I do!! hahah
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Who would have thought that a group of such intelligent people would have a day destroyed because The Cat Site was not "feeling well?" I didn't know I was that badly hooked. However, Wed. is here, Pittsburgh is still rainy and chilly, and Bodlover is still drooling over Poptarts! Life is back to normal!
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Ah yes Jeanie..... All is well with the world......
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Ditto to that....I can sleep now.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
oops - drifted off............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
oops again.....there I go again!
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