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What is the word on sardines? I saw a recipe for kitty treats made from them, but since tuna isn't a good regular staple, I wondered about sardines.
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Sardines are ok as an occassional treat in your kitties' healthy diet! I sometimes get my girls a little can of No Salt Added Sardines in Spring Water, and they adore them!
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DO you have to debone them or anything?
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I bought my kitties a can of sardines a while back as a treat, but they weren't interested. I had a lot more luck with canned tuna. I've also heard good things on the forum about canned salmon, but I've never tried it.
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My girls also enjoy sodium free canned salmon, but not nearly as much as when I get them fresh fish from our local seafood market to bake for them! Sierra's favorite is Mahi-Mahi! If it comes with bones, you want to be quite sure to remove them prior to serving to your babies.
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Not as a staple, but fine as a treat. There is no need to debone them.
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Thanks to everyone for the great info. Have a Meowrry Christmas!
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Fancy feast makes a cat food called sardines, shrimp and crab feast in aspic that my guys love. You should give that a try as a treat.
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I bought a can of food(maybe Wellness) that was Sradines & something else. Twitch wouldn't touch it. Lily sniffed it, picked up the can, walked over to the litter box & dropped it in. I think that was her way of subtely hinting she thought that food was poop!

I give Lily & Twitch a little tuna on top of any dry food or canned food the first time they get a new gflavor & when I am changing foods. Lily doesn't mind red salmon, but Twitch won't eat it. They both love pink salmon. Mom & dad get mad when I feed the cats the last can of their pink salmon!
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