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Charity gifts

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I still haven't done any Christmas shopping and I'm thinking of giving some charity gifts to some of my friends and relatives (giving donations to charity in their name instead of buying them something). I would like to still have something to unwrap (a card or certificate at least).

Does anyone have any suggestion of charities that offer some kind of "gift" to give someone to symbolize the donation? preferably Canadian charities...
Sort of like what the WWF does: http://www.wwf.ca/HowYouCanHelp/Pand...26&IGNOREcart=
(I am thinking of adopting a sea turtle for someone)

Or any other idea for "charity" gifts?
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I am not sure but its a nice idea!
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I've done the WWF thing before! I picked the animal that was most like each person I did it for. It's a cute gift.

This website will donate a percentage of your shopping total to any charity from their list, which has thousands. http://www.buyforcharity.com/

This website has a lot of things you can buy for animal rescue, rainforests, literacy, childrens' health, breast cancer, and hunger (click the different causes at the top): https://shop.theanimalrescuesite.com/ (my favorite) It tells you on the product page what your money will help fund. For example, if you get one of these, you will provide "14 bowls of food for animals in sanctuaries and shelters."

Also, ebay lets people choose to have a percentage of the ending price go towards a charity, so you could get virtually anything and still donate if you find one that offers that. http://www.ebay.com
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Our local zoo allows you to adopt one of their animals as gifts to others. They send a picture of the adopted animal with a background about it. You could check out zoos in your area. We adopted a flying squirrel for my mother in law one year.
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