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Wedding pictures!!!

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Ok, here are some wedding photos! I was able to find a cute outfit for the ceremony, although it wasn't quite the dress I had planned!! I was just glad I was able to find something that looked nice on such short notice. The ceremony itself was wonderful. A dear friend of my husband's family, a man who is almost like his grandfather, officiated and it was beautiful. Afterwards DH's parents hosted a really wonderful reception. We had initially planned on having the meal catered by our co-workers at the Olive Garden but Nate's dad really wanted to cook- and cook he did! We had delicious smoked chicken, potatoes, homemade rolls and mints, lots of veggies, and a nearly home-made cake that was made by a friend of my aunt's who happens to make cakes on the side. Everything went wonderfully and we had a great time. It doesn't hurt that we got some really great presents too

This is us in front of the tree on the altar-

This is us with my mom-

This is us smootching!

here we are with the pastor-

This picture is kind of dark, but I really like it!

This is Nate feeding me cake- my aunt kept trying to get us to smoosh it on each other's faces!

My aunt managed to talk my friend Diane into putting a flower on my nose- as close to cake smooshing as she was going to get!

And here we are with my sister-in-law and her husband. Her husband ended up being Nate's bestman, as our piano player couldn't make it and his bestman could actually play the piano- so it worked out in the end! These two are so unbelievably wonderful and generous. They even bought us a hotel for the night with a big jacuzzi and fire place!!

Hopefully that isn't too many pictures to post. Thank you for looking and for everyone's well-wishes!!
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I should also mention that my mom and I put together the flowers a few minutes before the ceremony and we bought them at a hardware store that had a floral shop! My mom also made the flower centerpieces.
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aww lovely wedding!
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What a beautiful couple you make!!
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That is wonderful!!, your flowers and your dress was beautiful...thanks so much for sharing
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That is absolutely beautiful!! You both look very happy!! I love the first picture in front of the tree. As for your mothers talent with the flowers perfect!!! She did a great job.!!

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Congratulations! Everything looks so beautiful!!
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OMG - you are so cute, and what a darling couple you make!! And I love your shiny skirt! Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures!!
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Great pics. It looks like a lovely wedding and a wonderful day. You both look so happy. Thanks for sharing.
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How beautiful! Congrads!
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It looks like it was a very special and lovely day, I am glad you had a lovely time I am sure you will remember your special day for the rest of your life!

Can i ask why it was such a rush? and so last minute? Just interested It looked like a truly lovely day and you both look so happy. I am very happy for you and I only hope mine will go as well. You also looked beautiful

Love Eva and Cats xxx
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Congrats! You both look so happy!
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It wasn't totally rushed. Basically what happened was we had planned on getting married December 10th, but I found out that if I were married I would be eligable for a full scholarship, so we eloped August 1st. I had already bought a dress from a bridal shop but it took forever to make. Since we decided to go ahead and elope we figured we would wait until May to have a reception and religious ceremony, but DH's family had different plans and told folks it would be in December still! So we had to put together a wedding rather quickly. When my original wedding dress did come in it was the wrong size- like way wrong size. I'm a size 10, it was a six!!!! My mother-in-law tried to alter my dress, but it just didn't work with the size being so small, so I had a week to try to find something else that I could afford. I have a Banana Republic card, so I just went to the mall on Friday and picked out that outfit. I figured since we were already married it wouldn't be a big deal to have a not-so-formal dress. We have been together for four years now, so we weren't in any huge rush, but circumstances came up that made us do both the real marriage and the renewal rather quickly.
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What lovely smiles you both have. It looked like a wonderful day
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Congratulations to you guys you both look very happy
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Great pictures! I'm glad you had a wonderful ceremony, and wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!
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Oh everything looks so beautiful! Every picture was great! It looks like you had a very nice day!
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What beautiful pictures, I am so happy for you! You and your groom look wonderful together!
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Congratulations! Thank you for sharing pictures of your wedding, sounds like it was a very special day.
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They're beautiful pics - I'm glad your aunt didn't get to smoosh the cake!!
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