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Eye Concern

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For a couple of days one of my cats (14 months old) has had a problem
with his left eye. At times he squints it and there is a small amount of
drainage or mucus in the lower corner of the eye.

The eye shows no sign of redness, nor any type of scratch mark, yet
the area where the drainage is located looks as if he might have been
scratched. (He and his brother love to wrestle each other).

I would say the eye stays squinted (about half closed) about 50% of
the time...more when I hold him up to look at it.

Just wondering if there is an over-the-counter type medication?

Should I try wiping the drainage away with a warm, wet, soft cloth?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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You should avoid over-the-counter medications and seek a vet's assistance.
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He needs to see a vet to make sure there is not any infection-If so it could lead to painful ulcers
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The mucous and drainage are a sign of infection. You may be correct about the scratch. But if it got infected, it needs antibiotics.
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Sorry, I didnt mean to shout, but yes, this can lead to serious ulcers, and *sigh*, loss of the eye. Ask yout vet about feline herpes.

From what you have written...its sounds like what happened to Riley.....if you want more info, please PM me...I'm not an expert, but I can tell you what I went through with Riley.

Best wishes to teh kity!!!
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I took Sox to the vet and she prescribed eye drops
with the active ingrediant of "Gentamicin Sulfate Ophthalmic
Solution USP 0.3%"

I understand this is an antibiotic solution. We are to give
him 5 drops, twice a day.

Unfortunately, now a day after seeing the vet, the problem is
in both eyes, not just one.

Any of you familiar with this medication? Doing a google
search I found it often used in humans.
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I think that's a pretty good indicator that it is indeed an infection. I'm sure the vet will want you to put the medication in both eyes. And you probably will need to get more. Keep in mind that it takes a while for antibiotics to become effective. And you need to keep giving the medication as long as the prescription says, even if it looks like the infection is cleared up.
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Watch your other cat for infection as well. It could be something similar to pink eye which is contagious.

A warm was cloth compress will help loosen off any caked on eye goop, then you can gently wipe it off. Also the warm compress will help soothe the irriation in the eye, which you kitty will like!

My kitty is recovering from an URI which was accompanied by runny eyes, mucousy discharge, eye goop, and eyelids stuck shut. She would like it when I'd cover her little eye with the warm washcloth and gently massage just above her eyes.

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Riley was on those drops, to no avail. But when I took him to the opthamologist, he said that that medication was the best course, it just didnt work with Riley. Unfortunitly, I think the first vet to see him misdiagnosed him, and he wasn't put on the drops early enough.

Best of luck!!
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