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Urgent Help Needed

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I'm the President of the Animal Welfare Club of my University and i've been informed of a situation. A fellow student today saw about 6 adult cats dead or near death. He was able to provide little but vital information. He said he saw them all in the fetal position, not breathing, and with blood coming from their neck. How accurate this information is, I'm not sure however tomorrow i'm going to do a scout of the whole campus and try to find out more...

If anybody has information of what it could be or what I should look for incase I find any more deceased cats, please let me know. I'm worried foul play was invovled or if it this an epedemic... how I can help to stop it.
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Why aren't you looking for them now? These cats need to be put out of their misery if they really do exist. It sounds like a ritualistic killing to me by a sicko, and if that is the case then you have a dangerous situation on campus for cats as well as people.
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It's 12:30 am in Beirut, and I found out about an hour ago. Plus the second Janitors see anything, including dead cats, they dispose of the bodies. First light tomorrow i'm headed down to the University to see what information I can dig up...

sidenote: It's a semi-feral population that roam free on my campus. About 250-300 cats occupy the area.
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O how awfully horrible! That went through my bones like a chill. how awful! O Lord I hope it is a cruel joke, and not true at all! Please don't be true!!!!!! I am about to cry
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There's something I might add. Because of an assassination that happened Monday, our University was closed today and will be closed tomorrow. I don't know if this is just PURE LUCK that when there's nobody around multiple cats die, or some type of disease... but again, any information you can provide me will surely help and please let me know what should I be looking for if I do find another body... and I really hope I don't.
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How sad. I hope it is just a cruel joke and these cats are fine.
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Originally Posted by hissy
How sad. I hope it is just a cruel joke and these cats are fine.
Well I first have to thank you for your input however I'm failing to understand what you mean by a "cruel joke". These cats are dead for sure, but what is not sure is how they died. These cats mean alot to me, and it's going to hurt me to know they were murdered or they died of natural causes and I can't do anything to prevent others from dying.
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O they are really dead? Hissy and I meant that we hope someone is trying to be funny by making this up, and its not true-but it looks like it is I am going to cry now.............
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Poor kitties - Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, little ones! There is a website: www.aldf.org (animal league defense fund) that deals with animal rights legal issues and perhaps they have links for you to access resources. I am sending prayers and vibes that the cats get divine protection, since it seems that they are at real risk. Are they tame enough that a mean person could be catching them and doing them harm? Otherwise, it sounds like they have been infected with a terrible disease, although I can't understand why they would bleed at the neck. Please keep us updated! I am so concerned over the welfare of these cats.
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Any news on the injured/dead kitties??????
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How are the kitties? Did you find out anything? You and the cats are in my thoughts and prayers.
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