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music to wash your dishes to

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well, I really like to listen to music when I'm doing the dishes or cleaning my apartment. Now I'm planning on making two mix-CDs for such occasions...

The first one (and most important) is for when I need energy or when I feel like dancing along to the music while cleaning (I live alone, so there's no one to laugh at me )

The second one is for when I feel more mellow and just want something to sing along to (no dancing involved... would still be funny for people to watch though)

I'm trying hard to not have more than 2 songs by the same band / artist on the same CD. It's hard because I can't really think of what else to get to put on those CDs... let me know if you would have any suggestions...

So far I have (in no particular order)

Disc 1:
Elton John - I'm still standing
Beatles - Twist and Shout
Beach Boys - Surfing USA
Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love
Micheal Jackson - Beat It
Micheal Jackson - Black or White
The Cure - Friday I'm in Love
Beach Boys - Fun, Fun, Fun
Aretha Franklin - Respect

and possibly: The Clash - London Calling
Elton John - Crocodile Rock

Disc 2
John Lennon - Imagine
Elton John - Tiny Dancer
Beatles - Yesterday
Gordon Lightfoot - Rainy Day People
?? - American Pie
Gordon Lightfoot - Carefree Highway
Radiohead - Street Spirit
Simon and Garfunkel - America
REM - everybody hurts

and possibly: Beach Boys - California Dreaming
Elton John - Sad Songs Say So Much

I think the first disc could use some more 60s and 80s stuff especially
any suggestions?
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I also like to listen to musc when I am doing dishes or just cleaning in general.

Though I prefer something loud.
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The only music I play when I clean house, the soundtrack to FootLoose-
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The only thing missing is the Moody Blues!!!
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Anything by Billy Joel
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RADIO!!!!! lol!
i just stick the radio on, it usually plays good music, if not
I put on spanish dancy mixes they really get you in the mood to clean
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Retro music is pretty energetic, no?
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My latest Cleaning Playlist:
Andrew Bird- Fake Palindromes
Ani DiFranco- Origami
Travis- Love Will Come Through
The Hippos- All Alone
Belle and Sebastian- Mary Jo
Fiona Apple- Sullen Girl
Cat Stevens- If you want to sing, sing
Iron and Wine- Sodom, South Georgia
Counting Crows- Shallow Days
Joanna Newsom- "En Gallop"**
Gomez- Nothing is Wrong
Ben Folds f. Ben Kweller- Wicked Little Town
Rilo Kiley- Wires and Waves
Original Cast Recording of "The Last 5 Years"- I Can Do Better Than That**
Simon and Garfunkle- Bookends
Wilco- Nothingsevergonnastandinmyway (Again)
Interpol- PDA
The Velvet Underground- Beginning to See The Light
Guster- Come Downstairs and Say Hello
Joni Mitchell- Both Sides Now

The ones with **'s are the ones that are just so awesome that I think everyone should look into them. Especially Joanna Newsom...she's a harpist that's very folksy and very...GOOD. Her album is called "The Milk-Eyed Mender" and it's probably my favorite new album out right now. And I'm extremely picky when it comes to pop music.
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You guys are funny. Ive never listened to any of that stuff while cleaning. lol.

I listen to the ENTIRE T.A.T.U. CD! Tatu is my FAVORITE cleaning CD, they are some russian chicks, and man they can sing! and it's so great! they are also a little bit into each other, but that's ok, they can sing sing sing, and then I Wanna sing sing sing.

The other day, it snowed 6 inches, and I put that CD on while shoveling, and I was finished before the CD was over, so I went and cleaned off all of my neighbors cars...And that was 4 of them. LoL!!! I had a blast!
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What about some Rolling Stones song for your playlists?
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MY SHARONA!! On the first CD. Who can listen to that song and NOT start dancing?!?
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Originally Posted by valanhb
MY SHARONA!! On the first CD. Who can listen to that song and NOT start dancing?!?
Oh, that's a good idea!

Rolling Stones is also good. I can't believe I hadn't thought about it before

I also added some Debbie Gibson to the list, The Who, Madonna...

this is fun! can't wait to do the dishes! (no... not really )
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i can not clean without music i always listen to nivana, or guns and roses and papa roach and all kinds of country and oldies but goodies you forgot to add
its in his kiss and why do fools fall in love
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I need either something to make me positively aggressive (punk) or something that makes me feel energetic and swinging (motown etc.). Depends on the day.
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What a fantastic idea!
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I love listening to music while cleaning!
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You know... I listen to music when I wash dishes too.... acutally I listen to loud music when I'm doing housework in general (I bet the neighbours are thankful it's not that often then!!) the more I can sing and dance, the quicker it gets done! It's all a very carefully choreographed routine of wash, splash, vaccum and dust dancing. It takes to plan the next dance routine. But not necessarily in the same order. I like to vary!
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Originally Posted by Leto86
I also like to listen to musc when I am doing dishes or just cleaning in general.

Though I prefer something loud.
same with me but i have a dishwasher so HA!
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