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Getting a new foster litter!

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Well, in about 1-1/2 hours, I will go pick up my newest foster litter. There is a Momma cat, and 5 kittens 2 weeks old. Wish me luck on the drive, it will take over an hour. Hopefully this will not stress out the animals too much. I will bring 2 carriers in case Momma is upset, but if she seems ok I'll put them together.

I'll make a rice snuggle sock to warm when we leave thier current house to be sure they stay warm, although the heat will be on in the car.

I'll let everyone know colors etc when I can! Wish me luck!
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Wishing you TONS of {{{{LUCK}}}!! Can't wait to hear the details! And maybe see pics??
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Good luck and don't forget to post pictures.
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good luck! cant wait to see pics
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I'll give details when I can, and post pics eventually! Without a digital camera...it goes a little slower!
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Momma is named CoCo, and she is a very pretty calico who is quite petite. One ear doesn't perk all the way up, but she is able to move both ears.

The babies are 15 days old today, and there is a calico, as cute as the Momma, a black, a tabby (brown or gray), an orange tabby with some white on it, and a tuxedo kitty. They all look the same to me, under the tails on a brief glance, so I'm thinking 5 girls!

Momma never had shots. They have two older kittens, looked about 4 months old, who need to be speutered. Boy I hope that happens before very long!

CoCo and her babies are settled in the kitten room, in a cage. The kittens stayed quiet for the 65 minute ride home, with 2 rice socks (thanks Hissy and Scamperfarms). Then they settled quietly into the cage. I have seen CoCo eat, and when I just checked on them she was laying with the babies, and they were eating.
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How exciting Becky! You'll have to keep us all filled in!!!
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How wonderful for you to do this! Good luck with mama and the babies! Have you read the record(blog) kept by Connie (forget the url) of all the various kittens she fosters - there are so many useful tips and ideas and it is just nice to see the good she does - as you are also doiing!
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An update; the little black kitten seemed to weigh less than the others, and was sneezing. I hear all of them, including the Mom, sneeze occasionally, but the black one (Midnight) sneezes several times in a row, and more often.

So off to the vet we went this afternoon. He says it is just a virus, and to just keep an eye on them. No antibiotics. At this point he is not concerned, but if it gets worse we are to call. They also have had a little yellowish poo on their sheet in their nest...he says it is likely due to a virus as well.

Prayers that each little baby recovers. The black one weighed 0.6 lb, the others weigh 0.8 lb, except the big fat orange kitten, who is 1.1 lb! And the calico is the only girl! The rest are all boys! I thought they were all girls! LOL!

I did post some pics on the Fur Picture Thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73359

And at the vets office, I noticed that the kittens have fleas! They are only 3 weeks old, so too young to be treated. I know they can be bathed in Dawn dish soap, but I am fearful, especially with them being sneezy. They will be treated for worms at 4 weeks with Strongid. And I will treat the rest of the house animals for the fleas in case they have gotten them .

And Momma CoCo has gunky ears. The one ear that lays down is an old injury or hematoma. I will be putting antibiotic/antifungal medicine in her ears for the next 10 days. And that ear will always have to be watched for getting dirty since it is almost closed off. I asked her if it could be surgically corrected when she is spayed, but he said he would leave it alone, as the only option he sees is to remove the ear. (Maybe another vet would be able to fix it though?) She will likely have one lumpy ear forever. She is a very pretty cat despite it, and I feel sure someone will adopt her.
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