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Vibes for My Tooth!

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Went to the dentist yesterday for what was supposed to be a routine cleaning, and in the x-rays they found an "apical cyst" and scar tissue above tooth number 8 (front right tooth) that is basically a delayed side affect of having had root canal work done on that tooth.
So, I'm off to the endodontist Monday, and apparently there are 3 routes we could take depending on how bad she thinks it is

1) Do nothing, and the problem will resolve itself, or the cyst/scar tissue isn't an issue...but the odds of this are pretty slim, the dentist is afraid the scar tissue and cyst from the root canal is crowding out the bone, meaning the tooth will eventually not have enough bone to hang onto and will just fall outta my head. Special, huh?

2) Oral surgery where they go in and get rid of the cyst and scar tissue, hopefully this would be a permanent thing and it wouldn't have to be re-done down the line

3) And this is the worst case scenario, they'd have to pull the tooth if the bone density is too compromised, and then do an implant surgery. I already have one implant in my mouth where I was congenitally missing a tooth and I'm in no hurry to get another one, especially since it would be about $4000 dollars....

I'm hoping we can either just leave it alone and it won't be a problem or we can do the 2nd option surgery. I'd rather do the surgery and have it be done and over with than do nothing for now and have it get worse and possibly lose the tooth. Once we figure out what's going on with this tooth and get it taken care of we're re-doing the veneers on my top front teeth to be more uniform, my teeth have shifted a little bit in the past couple of years from my post-braces "perfect" smile and I'm eager to get that "perfection" back, even if it costs some money.

I've just had so much work done on my mouth my whole life and just want it to be done with!!!!

Vibes that whatever happens we'll be able to treat the problem so that it's over and done with--and that we won't have to pull the tooth, because that would be a HUGE undertaking and would take many months to complete....
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Oh My!.....the Dentist!......

Sending (((((((good vibes)))))) to you! ...
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ouch!! I hope that everything just fixes itself!!
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Oh OUCH! Dental problems are the WORST!
Gonna say a prayer for you that you can take the easiest and least expensive option possible (preferrably option 1). That'd be horrible if you had to go through another tooth implant!

PS-I LOVE Oliver's yarmulke! So cute!
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I SO feel for you. Last May I had 9 teeth removed in preparation for dentures! So I sympathize
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Ouch! I hope it all works out ok!
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I would want to go for the surgery too. Good luck with that. Option 3 sounds like hell.
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This may sound like a stupid question, but why did they implant a tooth if you were congenitally missing one? My dad, me and my sister are all missing the teeth that are right next to the upper front teeth, and it was fixed through orthodontia.. Not that is particulary pleasant either- not to mention my dad's teeth moved right back to where they were when he was a kid at age 40 something!

Anyway, I hope it all works out for you and isn't too painful or expensive!
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Man, endodontists are never fun. I hope it all works out with the minimum pain and maximum healing!
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Oh, I feel your pain!! I have dental phobia even tho I car pool with a peditaric dentisr whose office is also in my building. I also go to him for routine stuff- me and the kids, lol (Plus he never charges me, even tho I have dental insurance coverage). That said, I do have appts at an endodontist for implants and have had one and two more to go. Fortunately, my friend found one who understands people who are not happy to have dental work done (I think my generation, an almost baby boomer - and the boomers hadthe worst dentists!!) but it is NOT fun. My bil once suggsted to me (and he has that arragant attitude of a prof at MIT which he is, sigh! - actually, I know many and he is just arragant, lol) that dentists woud soo no longer be needed because of our prevtebtative work. Yeah, right!! I remind of that VERY often, lol
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Have you seen this website?
It might help you
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Originally Posted by hissy
Have you seen this website?
It might help you
Thanks for the site, Hissy, I'm not really afraid of the dentists I just have better things to do with my time and money at this point than get MORE dental surgery!

Thanks all for your vibes, I'll keep you posted on the outcome Monday...hopefully it'll be a good one.
My parents also made me an appt. with my old endo in FL so I can get a second opinion over XMas before making any decisions.
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More {{{prayers and vibes}}} coming your way... I have terrible dental problems - and, yup, a crowned tooth fell out due to loss of bone density, and therefore the site isn't a candidate for implants so now I have spent big bucks for nothing, although the tooth took almost 4 years, after the RCT and crown, to fall out. With what I spent, I could have bought a papered "starter colt" or a nice trail horse
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I hope everything turns out OK!
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Well, I had my endodontist appt. yesterday, and I feel much better now!

She examined my xrays and teeth and said since I don't have any symptoms from the cyst (swelling, an abcess, tooth pain) it may just be a shadow of scar tissue on the xray, which is nothing to worry about. She's not worried about the bone density issue at all, and there's no chance I'll lose the tooth!
When I'm in FL I'm going to the endodontist who did my root canal, and bringin her back the xrays from my FL dentist so she can compare the shadow on the xray now to xrays taken before and after the root canal.
If it is indeed a cyst, she'll just remove it through the gums, I'll have about 2 dissolvable stitches in my mouth for about a week, not a real big deal. If its not a cyst we'll just keep an eye on the scar tissue to make sure its not growing--just one xray at my regular dentist twice a year.

Could've been so much worse! I know all your vibes and prayers must've helped!

Once I get back from FL I'll either have the surgery in January or get started on re-doing the veneers on my front top teeth so that I have a movie star smile
Either way all my dental work will be done by March.
And then, hopefully, it'll just be cleanings and maintenance from here on out. I think I've had enough oral surgery for one person!
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Good luck vibes coming your way!!!

I went to the dentist yesterday bc of an abcess(really not thinking they were gonna pull my tooth ) i truly thought i would get some antibotics and be done lol, yeah right. And to top it off yesterday was my b-day so i sat in the house drowsy on pain meds . But im better today and again good luck everything works out for u!
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
"...Either way all my dental work will be done by March. ..."
Man I hope so. Just caught this thread. Nothing worse in my humble opinon than having work done on your mouth. Because it's always $$$$$ and "ouchies". I figure I'll get the credit card paid off (where I had to put two root canals and *4* crowns) sometime in 2010 ... I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, never mind good cyber-buds!
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