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Diarrhea - Please Help...

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My little Maggi is about 5 months old and she's always had diarrhea. She was treated by the vet a few months ago but things still haven't changed. He ran every test possible on her and found nothing. I know this has to be uncomfortable for her and I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem. Also, it also stops my litter box up and I have two cats. My older cat had intestinal problems when he was younger and believe he still has enlarge intestines. Please help if you can.

(Maggi and Percy)
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Did your vet test for giardiasis? This is very persistent and causes diarrhea. It is also treatable. You might check into that, if it hasn't already been ruled out.

Also, you don't give her milk, do you? Most cats can't tolerate cow's milk.
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In addition, could your kitty have a food allergy? Our Snuggy had diarrhea a few days in a row a couple of months ago....and had his stool tested. When everything came up ok, we switched his food and haven't had problems since. (knock on wood) I hope you find out soon and that your baby is ok.
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Thanks for all your help. I don't believe she had been tested for giardiasis. I know they've tested her for worms and paracites. I don't give her milk and I've tried a few different types of food with her. (liman - what type of food do you feed snuggy?)

Thanks again,
Rebecca :tounge2:
(Maggi and Percy)
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In case it is food allergies there is a thread under that heading that might help.
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We were feeding Snuggy Science Diet but that's the time he developed the diarrhea. So we switched to Eukanuba Chicken and Rice Kitten dry food and we have had no problems since. They really like it and I'm happy with it too. I hope it helps your kitty too!
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Chronic diarrhea can be caused by many different things. It could be caused by inflammatory bowl disease, dietary allergy, gastrointestinal blockage, metabolic disorders, pancreatic disease and of course parasites.

My cat Fallon used to have diarrhea all the time. In fact she had no control of it and it would come out as she would be going about her daily routine. then sometimes she'd get constipated and it hurt her to poop. I was told it was many different things but never got a definate diagnosis on it and after months of cleaning up after her and dealing with special food that made her lose a lot of weight and made her coat dull, I switched her food to Purina ONE and moved her into my boyfriend's house with Xavier where she had a ton of exercise and now the problem has cleared up.

Her doctor still dosen't know what it was or why it cleared up the way it did but it's seemily gone and she's been very happy.
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Science Diet Sensitive Stomach
It's worth a shot! As "Hell603" mentioned, it worked for another kitty who had a runny stool! See more info. on our chat in the thread entitled "Food Allergy, Need ANY Help".

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You didn't mention what type of food you're feeding your kitten, but I know while I had two young kittens, they would always get into my older cats food instead of eating their own kitten brand of food. They had diarrhea for a while and when I took them to the vet, she said it could have been from them eating adult cat food. They can't digest it well, and they need that kitteny nutrition too. So, I had to try and control what they ate, and it stopped when they no longer were eating the adult cat food. Good luck!:daisy:
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