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Vet rant

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I am really cross with our vets office. I waited for our favorite vet to come back from maternity leave before I had my kitten spayed. The reception staff knew this, and because waiting meant she would be a bit older than usual we had even discussed her coming into heat before she was spayed.

Anyway our vet came back, I saw her and told her about Chloe and made the appointment. The day of the op. I left her there and they said they would phone by 2.00pm and let me know when to pick her up. When I hadn’t heard from them by 4.30pm I rang them, they said that J****** had gone home ill and they had got a vet from one of their other branches to do her ops. I told them that I was not impressed and that I specifically asked for J***** to do her op. and the woman on the phone just said “Oh I didn’t knowâ€. Anyway the vet that did her was Australian or something and did her mid line (underneath) instead of flank (on her side). I notice that she seemed swollen round the scar and took her back yesterday to have her stitches out and said to J****** about the swelling and it is fluid round the scar she drained some off and she has got to go back on Friday to check it..

The head office of this group hasn’t even had the courtesy to acknowledge my letter, the next one is going registered post!

Thanks for listening

I have never had a cat spayed underneath before, I know lots of you guys do, is this a common reaction?

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Ohhh I would be upset too!!!!! I am sorry I don't know what the side surgery is. And it has been sooooooo long since Chichi was spayed I really don't remember the after effects, but I would be really upset with this vet of yours!!!
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Twitch was spayed underneath, & she never had any swelling. There were no problems. I would throw a four star fit. Send a letter to the post whether or not the head of the office acknowledges your letter. They need to understand that this is your baby. You wouldn't have major surgery done on your son or daughter by someone other than who you thought it was! I really hope everything is OK with your kitty!
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I've never heard of "flank" spaying before - my cats have all been done underneath, with no problems, whatsoever. I am so sorry that Chloe had to go through this. Natalie (WhiteCatLover) is right - the vet's office needs to understand that this issue was very, very important to you. It's high time that pets are recognized as being valued family members. Also, it is important that your vet's office notify the operating vet and let him know of the resulting complications from the procedure that he performed, just to help out his future patients. Please give Chloe some ear-rubs for me!
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The fluid makes it sound like an infection and not a normal reaction to a typical spay. How is the cat acting?
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Although I was used to flank spaying in the UK and was puzzled when I came here with underneath spaying, my three girls never had any problems with it. I do think flank spaying is better for the cat as it always seemed to me that they recover quicker and there is less strain on the stitches. But it is harder for the vet to get access through the side. Today with many vets using microsurgery there shouldn't be a problem.
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This is shameful, and you are absolutely right to be angry. Some vets treat our animals as if they were cars being dropped off for an oil change... not loved ones going in for medical care.

I refuse to patronize a vet who won't let me stay with my kitty before and after the procedure (if not during). I was so glad I stayed with my Clyde when he was neutered -- they let me hold him while he woke up from the anesthetic, and he was so confused and frightened... I would have felt terrible if I hadn't been there.

Like the others who've responded, I've never had a kitty spayed anywhere BUT underneath, and I've never had the slightest problem. I hope your baby gets better quickly...
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Thanks for answering. Her swelling still looks the same, she not bothered by it and is her usual happy little self. I am taking her back to the vet on Friday, they said to give it till Friday to see if the fluid re-absorbed? I am glad of the support as my husband thinks I was over re-acting.

Thanks again Anne
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Midline spaying is common in many parts of the world. In the US most vets do not even know how to do a flank spay! I've had both done and have never had a problem with either. I'd just prefer the vet did it whichever way s/he was more comfortable with.

I don't think your vet office did anything wrong by calling a relief vet to handle routine procedures when the primary doctor became ill and had to go home. In fact, they did absolutely the right thing for their patients and clients. The only other alternatives they had were to either close down for the day and cancel all their appointments and surgeries (not good, for obvious reasons) or have a doctor doing surgery when s/he is too ill to do so safely. You may prefer one vet for one reason or another but it is much more important that your cat gets the medical care she needs in a timely fashion. Anyone who has a license to practice veterinary medicine should be presumed capable of handling routine procedures and wellness care.
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Im don't know anything about spaying as I have a male cat and his operation seemed fairly simple, however little Nismo has not yet been spayed. But I think this is totally unacceptable. If you have waited all this time for this person to do the operation why should they think you wouldnt be willing to wait another day or 2?? Espescially if you are not happy with the results.
Make yourself heard, they cannot just assume they can change things at the last minute without telling you.
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