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i just caught this thread, i was so worried!

glad he made it home safe
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Thank god he came home!!!!
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YES!!!!! Great news! Now you can worry about your faculty meeting
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That's great news. I'm so relieved he's home safe and sound!
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Aww, I'm happy wellington is home again! the little dear. I bet he missed his family!
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Oh I am so very glad that Wellington came home!!!
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I am so happy to hear wellington made it home safe and sound. Bless his little heart. Thank God for another happy ending!
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Jenny - I'm so relieved Smudge's little triplet brother is back!!! I was so worried, but I haven't been on the computer much lately!
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Thanks again everyone - just got home, so tired, been yawning all day, and it was wonderful to find everyone where they were meant to be!
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Jenny, I'm SO relieved that he made it home safe and sound! What a sweet sister Ellie was to comfort Napolean.
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Just catching up. I know the feeling well when one of the cats is missing all too well. Glad to read that Wellington is home all safe!!
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Just seeing your post. I am so glad your little guy turned up. It must have been such a welcome site to see his little white face at the cat flap
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Jenny, I can't express how relieved I am that Wellington came home. Sending hugs to you and your babies. (And an extra one for Persil )
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Hey, thanks. Last night it was Ellie and Persil who scared me - Ellie came home at 10.00 PM and Persil didn't make it in till 12.20AM! Both were smelling heavily of cigarette smoke and were neither cold nor hungry so I am now wondering if there is someone out there who is taking my cats in. I am keeping them in today while I go to work, and will let them out tomorrow morning while I can watch them. I do so want to get away from here and get to France!
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Thats a horrible thought Jenny
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That really is scary, Jenny.
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Best news I've heard this morning~YAY!~~~~~~~~~~~**
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Oh Jenny, I am so sorry to hear about that, thats a really scary thought
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Originally Posted by hissy
I love happy endings!

Me too!
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Glad to hear he is back
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