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Can't find Wellington!

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I know I am probably being stupid but I am scared to death. My cleaning lady let all the cats out today, including the boys, who up to now only go out with me there. When I came home Napoleon was on the doorstep, and the girls soon came in but there is no sign of Wellington. He knows the immediate places around, but I have walked all round the field where I take them to play beside the house and the garden and it's been two hours now and he isn't there. It is dark and cold and now foggy, and there is snow on the ground. I don't know what else to do. The cat flap is open and he knows how to use it. Please send some vibes!
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oh no!! Be careful about Napoleon though, he may go looking for Wellington!
I hope you find him soon.. maybe go out with his food and rattle it or something?
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Sendig good vibes Jenny!.......I hope he appear soon!.......
Good luck! , please keep us up dated about him! ....

Come on Wellinton, Mommie is calling you!!!
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I have shut all the others int he living room, so that they can't get out again while the catflap is open. Napoleon is meowing though, I think he wonders where his brother is too.
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Ohhhhh!!!! Many,many,many,many good luck vibes coming your way!!! perhaps you can leave a light on or something on the porch so he can see that? Does he respond to bells, whistles etc...? Maybe you can go out with Napoleon, like with him in a cat carrier, so that Wellington hears his brother and that might bring him home. PLEASE let us know what happens.
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Oh no! Sending lots of vibes that you find him soon!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Oh no! Sending lots of vibes that you find him soon!

Oh I hope you find him SOON!
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How scary Jenny! Sending vibes that dear Wellington finds his way home VERY soon! {{{{}}}}
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I'm praying that Wellington finds his way home safely and soon!
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Come home soon Wellington! You meowmy misses you!
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OOOh I hope he's ok. Maybe he's just taking a bit longer since he's able to explore on his own as you're not there... I'm sure he'll be back once he gets hungry.
I hope you will tell your cleaning lady not to do this again!
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sending come home vibes to wellington
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Oh no!!!! The silly woman!.

Jenny i hope you find him soon. After everything you've been through with them and now this
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Oh gosh Jenny sending big vibes to you, hope he shows up soon..
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I bet you are going nuts! I'm always worried about someone inadvertently letting Cupid out! I hope he gets bored and comes home to his mommy soon!
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I hope he comes back soon! Poor Napoleon will be missing him no doubt. They're such a sweet pair!
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Jenny, I hope you find him very soon!!! Sending lots of "Come Home" Vibes to Wellington!!!
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If you can continue to leave the way he got out open to him so he can find his way back. Also check out this website for tips and links to other sites that will help you

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I've just been out for a long walk around and no signs anywhere. But it is dark and I keep seeing patches and humps of snow that look like a white cat. He has never been out in the dark before and never for so long - I have been home nearly 4 hours now and I don't know how long he was gone before that. Now I am really scared - I can't imagine him not coming home if he could by now.
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Take a tarp or a sheet and spread it outside and put soiled cat litter on it. (if it isn't snowing). That is one of the quickest scents that will bring a wayward cat home. Chances are he is hiding close by and scared and overwhelmed by all the changes around him.
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Thanks Hissy. He has a collar tag with phone number. The catflap is open and he knows how to use it. He has been in the garden and the field before, playing with me and the others, and has run home from there, so he knows his way from the immediate environs of the house. I have been listening at garages/sheds etc, but there is always a chance that he has got into one and can't hear me. Dushka did that once and came home at 7 AM. He is such a curious, friendly cat. Ok, I just have to wait now and see what they next few hours bring.
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Sending "come home Wellington vibes"!
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Is it possible in the morning to let the other kitties out under your supervision to attract him back? O come home Wellington, come home!
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Does he respond to his name being called? Snow is my wanderer, but when I start calling him he'll usually start calling back to me and head home.

I pray that he comes home soon. And I think maybe you should quiz the cleaning lady as to when and why they were let out.
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{{{Prayers and vibes}}} for Wellington's safe return!! He may have decided to do a little hunting trip, and spooked himself by wandering farther than he intended. Try to take good care of yourself during these stressful hours and please keep faith - remember when Fwan's cat went missing! A TCS board-magic miracle happened!!
Come home soon, Wellington, your meowmmy wants you!!
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He turned up at dawn, just as I was downstairs in the hall putting my boots on for a further tramp over the fields. There was a little white face at the catflap and he came through. That was half an hour ago and he is wet, hungry and wants a lot of loving! He must have been shut in somewhere till a door was opened this morning. What a night. I did two turns outside during the night, calling him, and just sat up the rest of the time. Napoleon was very worried and meowed and meowed at me. Ellie, bless her, kept grooming him until he began to purr. Then he would start to meow again. But all is well. Thank you all for your vibes. As always on this board, it is so good to know there are people who not only care, but understand.

Now I have to face four hours teaching and a major faculty meeting!
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I love happy endings!
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Jenny, I am so glad Wellington is home safe.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I love happy endings!

My stomach always flips when i hear of a members cat going missing because i always think if it was Rosie or Sophie
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Oh I know just how you felt...Toby got out one night when company left and we did`nt even realize it till a bit later when we realized we had`nt seen him in several minutes....but then he was out of sight and it was dark. I called and called...and left the porch lights on for him and food out...and woke up off and on all night and went and called again. (Did`nt care if t\\it might have awakened the neighbors!)
In the morning , of course the first thing I did was go to the door to call again...and there he was on the step...waiting to come in. He was ready to EAT...and then the stinker went and hung out by the door again...as if he thought I was going to let him out!!!! NOTA!
I`m so thankful you got your Wellington back! Now all is right with the world!
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