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Important Things in Life

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Yesterday I got home from work, still thinking of my day - not in bad mood, but not really enojying anything. While I was sitting at my desk going through the mail, Ziggy jumped/leaped (he is not subtle!) onto my lap, headbutted purred my head in about the same motion as jumping on my lap - and then proceeded to plop down on my chest - all the while confident that I would wrap my arms around him to catch him so he wouldn't fall.

I of course did exactly as he expected. His actions, made me stop, smile and cuddle with him. It also made me feel special that he can share his unconditional love and trust. He's only been with us since September - he was in a shelter environment for the previous 6 months and stray for who knows how much longer.

I really love my fur kids.
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That is so sweet..they always seem to know what we need
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What a lovely picture!
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That to me sounds like he was saying " Thanks for bringing me into your home! "
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That's so sweet! Thanks for sharing.
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That is so sweet! Harley does that, when I'm having a bad day and crying, he comes right up to me and gives me kisses and purrs, it always cheers me right up!
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You've got me thinking....

The chitter of a hummingbird to tell you that his feeder is enpry, then reward you with flying jewels to watch.

The new plant that you put in, seeing how it takes hold and sprouts.

Coming home and looking in the window and seeing my little Diddo sitting there looking at me and nuzzliing the screen where my finger is.

I'm at the computer and Pete comes over and walks on the keyboard to get my attention ( as if I couldn't see a 21 pound cat) and when I hug him, he just falls into my arms and buries his head under my arm and starts purring.

The exquisite beauty of your first rose of the season and the parting kiss of your last rose of the season.

The neighbor who comes over with a warm something to eat because she knows that you are iin a pinch money-wise and wants to give you a good meal.

Taking the time to check on an elderly neighbor couple, one on dialysis and one 85 years old and still trying to do everything because they don't want to "bother" the meighbors.

We have so much to be grateful for and sometimes ( I know I'm guilty of this) we don't take the time to appreciate it, or to be thankful for it.
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Gives new meaning to the phrase "angel on your shoulder-er-chest" .
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Kaylee does the exact same thing Talon
I love it
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That's sweet There's no wonder cats lower blood pressure and cure mild depression, is there?
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Thats adorable. I probably would have cried.
Sleeves is a big fuss pot too. I love the way, if you pick him up and then put him down on a surface he's not entirely sure will support him, or feels wierd to him, he'll keep one foot on my hand or stomach until he's totally sure what he's doing. Like 'if I'm touching you I'm safe'.
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Aww it's that sense of trust that's so rewarding! I love how Wiggies knows he can always jump on me if he's stuck somewhere high. I'm just glad to be of service.
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How sweet! If I'm feeling a little down, I just go up to Marlee, who during the day is usually asleep on her pillow (which by the way is a 30 dollar contour pillow, while I sleep on a $5 "Big One" brand) and just lay my head by her. She will start purring the instant she sees or feels me close to her. Also, every day when I get home from class, I'll shut the front door and put my keys in their place on the side table. About that time I look up the stairs, hear a meow, and see Marlee running down the stairs to greet me, meowing the whole way! What a greeting!
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One of mine is sitting on my lap looking up at me with adoration while I read this. Not many things are better than that!
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How sweet.

If I ever need kitty love, I just sit down on the beanbag couch (Devin claimed it as his when he first came home a few months ago) and soon enough he's right on me, walking around looking for the best spot so that he can lick my face and lean against me while I pet him for a few.
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