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After chair as litterbox event -long

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So Abi was totally stressed out by the eye medicine for her pink eye and then she discovered the sound her littermaid box makes when it goes through a scoop cycle. Obviously I learned later it freaked her out so she used my most favorite green silk swivel rocker as a litter box. (luckily covered in a sheet) My initial reaction was to be really annoyed and think as a human that she was doing it to get back at me by leaving a package of excrement . later that morning she urinated in the same chair. So I thought if I were stressed out and miserable I would pick a place that was cozy and comforting and where else but my adopted mommie's chair? So I cleaned the spot, sprayed the chair heavily with citrus scent ( thanks to this forum) which has kept her off it for three days now. And then I cleaned her litter box, thinking she wasn't using it because it was diirty maybe? Well... careful observation finally clued me into why she hadn't been using the littermaid and I turned it off and praised and gave her treats when she went into the box. So now she is using it again and I will wait a while before I try turning it on.

Here is the up side. After she defecated on the sheet I was able to see that she had tape worm segments in her feces and was able to get that condition treated. It turned out to be good that I got to see a speciman that wasn't covered in clumped litter. Go figure.
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Hey that good that you caught the tapeworm problem!
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If she has tapeworms then she also has fleas. Getting her flea treated safely is imperative or the tapeworms will just keep reoccuring. You also need to treat the chair with an enzyme cleaner a good one www.zero-odor.com is a good one, otherwise she will just keep using it for her personal bathroom. Take the cushion off and spray it well then set it somewhere in open air to dry.

I had two computer operated litter pans and gave both of them away. One of my cats got her tail caught in it, and the other cats were just spooked by the noise.
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yes I have been reading the threads and bought an enzyme odor remover. She also has been treated for fleas by the vet (what a stink). her eye is much better and now we just have to conquer the ear mites and that annoying crusty stuff on her pretty little ear. I wonder what she would say to me if she could talk.
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