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I saw something on Oprah last year, they were saying that something like 60% of death row inmates are innocent.

Personally I don't think anybody has the right to take a life.

Also, you're hurting the family of the criminal. Every criminal has a family, not all...but I'm sure have mothers who love them. Now I'm a mother myself, I cannot comprehend how anybody could justify the killing of another person. Guess I'm becoming soft in my old age

I was speaking to a lawyer friend about this a few weeks ago. She said that death for criminals is far better than life in jail. Jail punishes the mind as well as the physical body. Death frees them from that.

Personally, for really evil people I think a life behind bars in solitary confinement with no luxuries such as TV etc., is the way to go.
Sorry I didn't read this before I posted my post above.

As far as the life behind bars in solitary confinement with no luxuries, I would be all for that if that was the way these people lived. But it's not, they have TVs and in some cases have access to the general prision population and probably eat better that the poor of our nation. Of course they do run the risk of becoming Jeffrey Dalmer and being offed by one of the inmates when they are put into general population.

And I know that this is going to sound harsh, I don't have any children right now...but if my child grew up to be a killer and killed someone in some henious way...I would expect them to be put to death. There is punishment for everycrime and for murder the punishment should fit the crime.

You know I never really considered myself very religious but I think this might go back to my raising in church. And I have a few pockets of conservatism in me and this is one of them. Personal resonsibility for what one has done and accepting the punishment or reward that are defined for whatever one has done. If you speed, you get a ticket and pay a fine. If you pay your electric bill, then you get to keep your lights on another month. If you break into someone's house, you go to jail. If you pay your taxes, then you don't go to jail or pay late fees and fines. If you purposely go out and kill someone, then you are put to death.

I don't know, maybe it just makes sense in my head.