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Kitten wont use the scratchpost!

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We bought Simba a scratchpost with a square bed at the bottom and a platform at the top with the scratchpost in the middle but he has never bothered with it and weve had it 2 weeks so should i just get rid of it? (Its taking up space) , or is there a way to make him use it, its quite a boring plain one, cream and furry.

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Try putting cat nip on it or get some cat nip spray. This should do the trick
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Thanks will do!
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also, when he uses a different surface to scratch on, take him to his tree and show him that that is the appropriate place, by making hiis paws do the sharpening motion
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Catnip probably won't work until your kitten gets older. If I remember correctly he's still young, right? A kitten younger than six months won't normally have any attraction to catnip.
If you can get sisal rope where you live, cats and kittens love the smell of it and the love to scratch it. Wrap that tightly around the post and encourage him to scratch it like turtlecat mentioned.
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What is the post covered with? Is it carpet, sisal, wood? If its carpet he probably won't be interested. Sisal or wood then mabye he just has to learn what its for. I'd take a laser toy or some feather toy and play with him around teh post getting him to paw at the toy on the post. If he gets excited enough then he will naturally want to scratch anyway.

Also location is important. Is it in a place he likes to be a lot? IE where you guys are all the time, like the living room or by a window or something.

As KaiBengals said, if its carpet then you can go to Home Depot and buy sisal rope and wrap it yourself. That will surely incourage the behavior.
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This is the scratch post that we got the girls a week ago.Neither have used it, they prefer my couch .BTW, the post is treated with catnip.
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