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fellow ebayers???

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how many fellow ebayers are also on here? ebay was my passion. well one of my passions. we've been so broke lately. i miss it. my digital cameras a piece of junk. so my selling is shot down til i can get a new camera. whats your username?? i have 2. madammilo and hakunamatata75. you know! it means no worries, for the rest of your days! sing with me!:laughing2 i can be silly sometimes.
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Just got started buying some stuff on ebay, and I love it!! Can see where it could be addictive!
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My credit card company loves the fact that I'm an ebayer :laughing2
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My grandmother is really big into ebay but I haven't check it out. Maybe it's best I don't for my credit card's sake.
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My SO sells on Ebay and I buy around the same amount he sells! LOL! we both have different user names.
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My hubby sells things on eBay once in awhile...we are thinking about getting into it seriously. I love going to garage sales and finding all this neat stuff to sell. We also have some stuff around our house that we need to get rid of.
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I've bought a few things here & there off of Ebay, and so has hubby! You can get some really great deals, IMO!
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Funny you should ask! I just got started as an eBay seller, and I'm having a great time. I haven't been on here as much lately because it's kept me very busy. My user name is the same as it is here, Dawnt91.

I've had lots of auctions close this week, so I've been really busy getting things closed out. I had a shower curtain sell for $41! I couldn't even sell it for $4 at our garage sale. It is beautiful though. I'm hoping to get some money in the mail this week so I can go to some garage sales this weekend. I need to get some more stuff out there. I was pretty bummed earlier this week because I took a lot of pictures of small items to sell (I don't have a digital camera yet, just a new scanner), and none of them turned out. $12 for processing and I couldn't use them! I was SO mad! I can't afford a digital camera, so I have to wait until I see my mom in a few weeks to borrow hers. These were cool items too, so that's even more depressing. I'm saving for a camera, but it'll be a while.

I love eBay, and it's a great way to make money if you're serious about it.
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you can get a good digital camera for about $60-70 dollars on ebay. a polaroid fun flash? i think thats what they are called. they have the screen in the back. and hear they take good pics. thats what i intend to buy. do not buy a poloaroid digital 320. you can buy them all day long on ebay for about $25 dollars or less. they are horrible. sad thing is i give about $70 for mine in a store. best of luck on ebay. you can make a killin'! some people make there living off selling on ebay. i only sell as a hobby. and buy as a high! sigh.

love you sox
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I'm not an ebayer, but I do love www.half.com which is a subsiderary of ebay.

Dawn that is fantastic! A couple more shower curtains and you'll be able to buy a digital camera!
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Im a fellow ebay.co.uk user. Have bought and sold on the site for over a year now! I have nearlt 670 feedback, and my user name is neesey27

I love the ebay.com site and use it to buy my Wonder Woman memorablia, we dont get much WW for sale in the UK I LOVE EBAY!!!
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The only bad part about ebay for me is the Exchange Rate... As a Canadian (and having the auctions listed in US dollars) it ends up costing me double whats shown on screen BUT, I can get stuff I can't get here so its worth it
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I was wondering if anyone has had any luck selling just a certain something? Like beanie babies, collectables, etc. I am trying to think of something that I could buy in bulk and sell. Any suggestions would be great.
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e-Bay loves my sweetie! He used to buy stuff constantly until the credit cards maxed out. I have bought s few things, but never sold anything. Our username is bluetattoo.
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I think I got a great deal!!! I went looking on e-bay for baby cribs, and found a Jenny Lind oak finish crib (with the pretty spindles all around it) and a matching changing table.
I bid on it, and eventually got it!!! Yaaaaay!!! I ended up paying $200 (that includes the shipping for both items) I was pretty happy!!!! They are brand new, too!
Now I need to get a crib mattress!!
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