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Crystals in urine?

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Hi all...

I have a question for some of you knowledgable cat lovers out there

Our boys have the odd "inappropriate" peeing issue. They're two male fixed indoor only Bengals, 18 months old (litter mates) who like to argue every so often as to who is the alpha male!

Anyway, they've been all vet checked and we speak with our vet regularly...we use feliway diffusers, clomicalm tablets and bach flower/rescue remedy for them and the combination has worked wonderfully over the past 6-9 months.

But, yes they do have the odd inappropriate pee!!! (quite often if our front door is left open for a short while they will pee in the tiled entry (I am guessing they can maybe smell other cats outside?).....so last night this occurred, and when I was wiping it up I noticed that the urine was sort of crystalised.

It was on a flat tiled surface, so the urine had thinned out over the area but there was a crystallisation to it (sorry, hard to explain). Does this mean they have crystals in their urine???

(Their last urine tests were about 6 months ago I think and all ok).

I will call the vet to discuss and most likely take him in samples to check, but just wanted to ask the question here first.

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My best advise go back to the vet if only for a urine sample and test... were the boys giving Rx food last time or just meds??
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They're on Royal Canin Young Male dry formula which is designed for indoor fixed males and said to help with urinary problems. (they also have a wet food)
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a cat I adopted and gave to my mom has that problem. the vet said it was from being neutered at a way early age. its some sort of urinary blockage problem and crystals form where the pH balance isn't right, and he has to be on a prescription low pH food, and its fine, but if he has any sort of regular food than that, he can't pee at all.
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