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mixing litter types ??

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I have tried almost all the types and brands of litter for my cats but I am still wondering which type is the best. Actually (as in everything in life) all of them have advantages and disadvantages. First I explain and then i ask:

* clumping clay litter

- the best odor control
- as liquids form "balls" the litter box remains very clean after scooping

- a bit of dust
- its unavoidable to find some little stones around the house

* white pearls (silica)

- its the easiest for me to clean since i can just scoop and throw everything in the toilete

- it does not control so much odor
- my cats use it with no problem but i am concerned about the size of the perals, being sure they like more the fine clay litter...

So (finally) my question is: Do you think its a good idea to mix these two types of litter? Do you think that if I do it, i will find smaller or less "balls" formed from liquids? I really like more the the confort the pearls provide me but I also like the odor control the clumping litter has...

- K
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We....how about a "test"? I can`t see what that would hurt.
Then you can report back to TCS.
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I would try clay in one box
and crystals in another...

you can mix them but since I hated the crystals immediately my mixing wasnt long
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The best litter I have found is the pine pellet litter. It has awesome odor control without perfumes! No dust, very little if tracking, it lasts a long time and it's easy to use. The pellets disolve and turn into sawdust when they get wet, you just scoop out the poop and dump litter when all the pellets are disolved. You only use enough to cover the bottom of the box and it lasts about a week.
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Don't mix clumping and non-clumping. That defeats the purpose of each. You can feel free to mix different brands of the same type of litter to get qualities you and your cats prefer but can't find all in one litter.
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thanx coaster, i think you are right...
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I agree with Coaster. If you mix pearls and clumping you will get the disadvantages of both and the advantages of neither.

Fresh Step makes a crystal litter I really like. Its texture is similar to non-clumping clay litter. The only disadvantage is that it is pretty strongly perfumed so it might not be an option if you are sensitive to scents.
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