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Ok, by the title I'm sure you can tell we're moving. And I'm jsut so worried. I mean, I'm worried about the animals, because I know sally(Our dogh) is haveing a hard time, Tara's to old to care, and I'm worried one of the catsll some how get out when we're movineg. especaly Charlie. he hasn't been nuterec yet, for the love of mike! I mean, I'm gonna have to hold him when we take ihm there. we have a really cruddy cage, and my parunts wont buy a new one....'it's in good condioiton'....blargh. I mean, when we took that cat to the vet he almost got out when we took him there and when we got home he did get out of that cage, and they fixed it up a bit, to!, so I had to cetch him and carry ihm in.And each time we move something there I feel sad because we're leaveing the hosue i grew up in...there's so meany memorys. and you know what tick's me off? ok, it's because of my stupid aunt and her husbend that we're moveing...and sh won't even help! NO ONE will help. no one at all. I mean, it all jsut add's on to how sucky christmas is gonna be(if it's as bad as Thanksgiving...i'm taking my thigns to my room and I'm not comeing out untill that womans gone!). I'm jsut so sad about it and worried aboutt he animalsa nd what it's gonna be like when e get there... I really odn't want to go...but it's to late now.