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Hi, I have told Tuffy's story many times so alot of you probably already know it. He was the very sick stray I started to take care of in early August. After alot of vet trips and meds he is doing real good now for being near death when I started helping him.

My question is about his right eye, He still has alot of watery discharge from it and it looks like he is crying but only the right eye. He had a real bad URI and its been real hard to get rid of. He has been on zithromax for 3 1/2 weeks now of the 6 weeks he has to be on it. The zithromax was a last resort because all the normal meds wouldn't knock it out of him. His cough is gone and only rarely sneezes now but I wonder why is eye is still acting up? The right side of his head seemed to have the worst of the infection, but he had it in both eyes when I found him, or to be correct he found me. Any one have any ideas on why just his right eye is tearing up all the time? Is it possible he has something stuck in it? He don't act like it is hurting him or bothering him.

If it were alergies [sp?] wouldn't both eyes be watering? I was going to ask the vet about it but she will probably want to see him again but money is real short with Christmas coming up.

After Christmas I need to see about getting him "fixed", We have been putting it off because of the infection he had but I think he is well enough now to have it done. Is age a concern in a male cat for have this done? We have no idea how old he is, the vet tek guessed maybe about 3 to 4 years old.

I don't know if he is still sicker than I think or maybe the med makes him sleep but he still sleeps alot more than or other cats but I think he is alot older than most of our other cats so maybe that is why also.