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My Two Strange Babies

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Hi. I found this place about four or five days ago and posted a few times, so I figured it was time I introduced myself. My grey/peach/rusty orange girl, Cassie, is just getting over a bout with pancretitis. It's so exciting to see her running to be fed again. I've had her for almost five years, ever since she was just five weeks old. I was lonely at the time, and she provided great company. Of course, she also brought with her very sharp kitten nails!
My orange chubby girl is Matilda. We adopted her from a rescue shelter about three and a half years ago. She's been on a vet supported diet for almost three months now and has lost a bit of weight. She will eat almost anything, including any kind of people food. Sometimes it's hard not to let her have any, but we want her healthy for a long time. Occasionally she does get a small nibble of potato or a piece of mushroom. Strange cat. The only thing that Cassie likes that's not for cats (other than fish) is coffee. Okay, maybe they're both odd. But I love them.
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Hello Starry, Cassie and Matilda and welcome to TCS.

Looks like an action shot there. What is Matilda doing?? (maybe she likes coffee too!?)

Glad to hear Cassie is doing better and Matilda has a good diet plan going.

A cat liking coffee.. Now that's one I haven't heard. Sounds like they are two cute little goons.
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hello and welcome
my kallie also always trys to drink my fiances coffee...so now we have to drink our coffee in another room
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awww...they are cute..I like the name Matilda for a cat....and Ive never heard of a cat eating mushrooms...too funny!!
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They are cute!!!

But please be careful about letting her drink coffee, caffeine is toxic to cats.
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What gorgeous little girls you have
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