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They arrived and the cats are going mental already!

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i ordered bonnie and pandy a few pawbreakers each to put in their Christmas stockings, they arrived today and the cats were nowhere to be seen so i just put them in their stockings.

about five minutes late in went into the lougeroom to get something and the cats were both at there stockings rubbing their heads against them and getting all smoochy, it got to the stage where i thought they might actually try to get the pawbreakers out so iv'e have to move the stockings away from them, now they are happily rubbing their faces against the box the pawbreakers came in

i can't wait to see how they will react when they actually get their paws on them

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What are pawbreakers??
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon
What are pawbreakers??

They are a solid ball of catnip that the cats can eat and play with, it's around $10US for four of them and they ship to Australia...obviously lol

here's a link to their site - http://www.pawbreakers.com

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Oooh! I forgot to order some for my babies. Guess it will come after Christmas. Oh well.
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oh wow i wanna get some, teufel never used to beinto cat nip untill Emmysamson gave us cat stockings, now im going to go to the store and buy some cat nip, Maybe the german cat nip isnt as good as the american???
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Pawbreakers are awesome! I ordered a full box for mine, gave them a few of them and placed the box with the rest of them on a shelf in a locked closet (they know how to open doors). I accidentally left the lock off one day and came home to find the box on the floor with about 8 empty packages. Never did find all the pawbreakers they stole that day.

They post pictures on their website - you should take a picture and send it to them.
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They sound like fun!

Although my cats have more fun with icky bugs they bring in from outside
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Wow, those look SO cool! Thanks for the link. I just ordered some for my babies and for my mom's and sister's kitties for Christmas, too!! I cannot wait to see how my guys react to these things!!
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Yeah!! Thanks for this, I looked up the website and I (for once!) can buy this in Taiwan. Just the x-mas pressie for Mitts!
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OOOOHHHH i wanna order some... may just have to do that... JJ will love these!!

If you scroll down their main page and click on the link for Tree Decorating 101, I nearly was in fits of alughter... here's a link. Too funny: http://www.fluffytails.ca/christmas.asp

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