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Pushy's pee problems

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Well tomorrow I'm taking Pushy to the vet first thing in the morning. Poor boy! He's developed a chronic urinary tract infection, and frequently pees blood. He's had two courses of antibiotics (Baytril & Clavimox) and has been on the c/d diet for over a month now.Tomorrow the vet will take a sterile sample with a needle and he'll probably have to stay a while depending on how much they can get.
I'm just worried about the poor guy. Today he was running around growling while looking for a spot to pee (this was outside). He just seems so uncomfortable and is always going in and out of the box.
I just don't know what else am I supposed to be doing to treat this condition and get him back to normal?
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sending prayers that this all ends and he gets well soon
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Poor Pushy - adding my prayers to Sharky's, for a quick recovery for Pushy. I suffer from the same kind of trouble - it's so miserable. I had a spell of chronic bleeding, but mine was caused by ibuprofen, prescribed in 800mg. by a neurologist for my neck pain - what a miserable time it was. Oh, poor Pushy - just the mental image of him growling & hunting for a place to pee was so heartwrenching!!! Hugs to you both. Please keep us posted on how Pushy's vet visit goes - I hope that he gets sedated for the sterile sample...oh, poor Pushy...
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Thanks for the kind words!
Pushy did ok, and thankfully came straight back home with us. I don't think they sedated him at all, poor boy. But it was over very quickly. His sample was dark brown, and the thickness measurement was off the scale. The alkalinity was also off the scale. So he's got a serious problem, and we're very concerned about preventing a blockage. I was surprised to learn just how quickly crystals can develop if there's any change in food. The vet said he can get more crystals in just a matter of hours. So we're giving him a strict diet of s/d wet food, and another 2 week course of Baytril. One month on s/d then back to c/d for the rest of his life.
So we're $300 poorer ( spent $600 in the last 2 months) and I'm going to sit down and do our expenses.
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Aww, poor Pushy. My foster has chronic cystitis (although a different vet diagnosed crystals) and my vet just recommends lots of wet food and make sure they drink enough and to limit the stress. She also thinks anti-inflammatories are better than antibiotics.
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poor pushy! sending healing vibes
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