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Vibes Please?

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I feel like I don't deserve it, because I haven't come in much lately, but...

Finals are here, and I'm scared out of my mind. I'm a freshman, so it's the first finals of my life. I REALLY need to do well. My parents are putting alot of pressure on me, and I can hardly sleep at night. So, please vibes that I do well. Thank you.
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First of all, I congratulate you on concentrating on your studies instead of hanging out here. I remember that stressful time. Take a few deep breaths, figure out what needs to be done and concentrate on that.

Have faith in yourself and you will do fine. I will also keep my fingers crossed for you.
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vibes your way!
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Thank you, it means alot.
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Sending good vibes your way!
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Goodness what a big thing to look forward to!! I know it always seems like an insurmountable hurdle, but believe me, in ten year's time you might well be wondering what you were so worried about!

Try (and I know this is so much easier said than done) not to worry too much, and also try to get plenty of sleep. Don't kill yourself over these, I know your parents are putting pressure on you, and if you are not prepared well you'll be putting pressure on yourself, but good sleep, a healthy diet and a clear head are going to help you much more than plenty of stress over something you can't do anything about anyway!

Good luck, best wishes and LOTS of happy peaceful calming vibes to you!
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I'd say good luck, but as long as you've done your homework you won't need it! Just try to relax and think of it as just another paper. If you get yourself all worked up into knots it will be hard to remember. Be confident about what you know and it will all come together!! Best wishes to you!
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I'm sure you will do very well...but I will send you many good vibes anyways!
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Good luck Jenny! Try not to worry too much and be sure to take breaks every now and then to keep your sanity!
{{{{We're rooting for ya!}}}}
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I can't BELIEVE how long I left this go without saying something. Shame on me.


Finals went well! I love you guys!
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