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Question on cat eating grass***

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I have a question for all you knowledgeable cat people. My male Hobbs was taken in by me as a stray when he was about 6 months old. He is about 5 now, and generally an indoor cat. However sometimes I let him out when he sees the dogs in the fenced yard, and cries his face off. But the very minute I let him out, he is off to eat some grass. He will do it for about 5 minutes, and then he stops and plays a bit out there. I dont think it is harmful to him, other than that once in awhile it makes him puke (of course he waits til he is inside to do that) But other than that he is ok. Does anyone know why cats eat grass? And can it cause them any health problems? He is a well fed cat eating hard food and soft food. Thanks.
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All my outdoor/indoor cats chew on grass sometimes. I don't know why they do it but I read somewhere that basically they like the taste.
or grass helps in getting rid of hairball
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Grass helps aid their digestive system. That, they love! And if it makes them puke or hack, more power to them!
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Its a digestion aid, and can often result in vomiting - Helps to get rid of furballs!
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The dogs I had as a kid used to eat grass then barf it back up again. But I heard it settles their stomachs in some way....
I imagine its the same for kittys. I have some Cat Grass which I bought from Pets At Home which you just plant and let grow, as my cats are indoor only.
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I grow catgrass in a pot in my apartment it's a mixture of barley grass and some other type of grass the cats love to eat, also I grow some lettuce in the same pot they love it. It helps their digestion and mine never seem to throw up after eating it.
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We grow grass inside for our kitties too and they love it! Yes they do throw up from time to time but it is very healthy for them.
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I use to keep cat grass my younger one doesnt eat grass... I would grow your own since you dont know what chemicalls could be on your lawn evan if you dont spray you neighbors likely do
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wow! Indoor cat grass. I never knew that they had that. Thanks for the responses.
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Originally Posted by sbw999
wow! Indoor cat grass. I never knew that they had that. Thanks for the responses.
Just like everyone said, it's a very healthy digestion aid! I grow grass for Oliver too and he loooooooooves it! I've read that regular outdoor grass (I know there's different kinds, but that's just what the article said) is not as good for kitties compared to indoor grass (which is usually oatgrass) because outdoor grass has sharp edges to it and oat grass is rounded... just a thought and I only read it in one place so if someone else has more solid info on that definitely post it....

BTW, I get my seeds from which I had found on a post on this site at some point - I really like it as each batch stays good for about 2 weeks (which is longer than the store bought stuff, I've found) and she has pretty good deals.... you can get a free sample if you mail her a SASE too!
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i buy the lil pots of grass for cats at the pet store. I have also grown my own cat grass...yasmine really enjoys it!
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Yes, like everybody else said, this is totally normal and healthy.
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I've tried growing kitty grass, but it always seems to die on me once it gets to about 1 1/2 insches. Are there any secrets?
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My girls have two terra cotta pots of grass, one for them to enjoy munching and one growing in the window to be ready when they have finished their other pot. This way, they have grass available at all times!
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I buy the organic wheat grass at the grocery. It's cheaper than the cat grass pots, I know no chemicals or pesticides were used, and P.Kitty loves it. I stick the plastic pot in a ceramic food dish that is just big enough to "hold" the plastic pot snugly so it doesn't pull up when he pulls on it. P.Kits really loves it.

It would be less expensive to grow from seed, but I always forgot to start growing it in time!
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